The Washington Commanders have said they will not name any starters. The message this entire offseason from head coach Dan Quinn to defensive coordinator Joe Whitt Jr. ensures that guys get as many valuable reps as possible, and that they have a good number of guys who will be deployed depending on certain situations.

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Knowing so early in the off-season who is starting and who is not has advantages and disadvantages. Being an established starter will likely give you more time to work with the other players you’ll be most involved with during game time, but also giving everyone an equal number of reps can be invaluable to a team when there something would happen when it comes to that. the next guy.

When head coach Dan Quinn spoke to the media after the team’s final minicamp practice on Thursday, he stuck to his guns when asked whether or not rookie QB Jayden Daniels is the starter based on the fact that he took many reps throughout the week got into the first team.

Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels.

June 5, 2024; Ashburn, VA, USA; Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels (5) passes a ball during an OTA practice at Commanders Park. Mandatory credits: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

“There’s no doubt that Jayden is making incredible progress here and we’re going to have a really fun camp, but he’s earned that opportunity to compete.”

Dan Quinn, Commander’s head coach

“Well, in real competition, that’s why we set it up the way we did to have (QB) Marcus (Mariota) have some and Jayden have some. So no big statements other than we’re being true to who we are as competitors,” Quinn responded. “There’s no doubt that Jayden is making incredible progress here and we’re going to have a really fun camp, but he’s earned that opportunity to compete. We wouldn’t have given him those spaces, those times and those reps if he hadn’t done that. But it was very clear that he had done the work and he was ready. So it was certainly the intention that he was able to do that.”

“No big statements” is telling. The Commanders are in no rush to put a starter at the QB position until they see where the guys stand during training camp and the preseason, but even then we still might not have a definitive answer until just before their game of week one against the tampa bay buccaneers.

For now, we’ll keep a close eye on both quarterbacks’ performances to see if we can gauge which way the coaching staff will lean. Both quarterbacks have their unique playing styles and intangibles, so whoever performs best in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense will likely get the nod instead of rushing into a decision that could be costly down the road.

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