Verghese V Joseph –

New Delhi: The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) has welcomed the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pope Francis, which took place during the G7 summit in Italy on Friday.

This important meeting marked a new chapter in the relationship between India, the world’s largest democracy, and the global spiritual leadership of the Catholic Church. The CBCI hoped that the meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Pope Francis was both meaningful and constructive and paved the way for greater understanding and cooperation between the two entities.

The CBCI said it was delighted by Prime Minister Modi’s invitation to Pope Francis to visit India, which reflects a spirit of dialogue and mutual respect. During a meeting with CBCI President Archbishop Andrews Thazhath last year, Prime Minister Modi said he had already invited the Pope and would do so again. The Catholic Church in India eagerly awaits the visit of Pope Francis and looks forward to a warm and sincere welcome.

In a statement, the CBCI said it remains committed to promoting harmonious relations and constructive dialogue between India’s political leadership and religious communities. The organization hopes that this historic meeting will inspire further efforts towards peace, unity and the common good.

The meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Pope Francis has opened up opportunities for better dialogue and cooperation between the government and the Catholic Church in India. This could lead to greater cooperation in various areas, including social and environmental issues.

The meeting is seen as a new chapter in the relationship between India and the Catholic Church. It was also seen as a symbol of both leaders’ commitment to promoting global understanding and cooperation.

The meeting highlighted both leaders’ shared concerns on social and environmental issues, such as poverty, climate change and human rights. This could lead to increased efforts and resources focused on addressing these challenges.