If there is one team that consistently puts its best foot forward, it is Hendrick Motorsports. The entire number of drivers are performing at their best this season. And the number 5 driver is in the lead in the points standings. Of course, he eventually gave the spot to Denny Hamlin for a while, but with the win at Sonoma last week he regained his position faster than a cheetah on the hunt!

Right now there are three Hendrick Motorsports drivers in the Top 10, Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott and William Byron, which is no easy feat for any team. Larson and Byron each have three wins. Meanwhile, Elliott has one win, but he is second in the standings and only 14 points behind number 5!

However, recently Chase Elliott said he is confident in his and his team’s performance. And he even gave us a glimpse into his winning strategy!


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Chase Elliott uses his trick to reach the top!

All HMS drivers have been successful so far, and when a team performs well day in and day out, it attracts attention. As such, questions arise about what the team did to be here. Everyone wants to know the magic pill to success!

When Chase Elliott was asked the same question by Frontstretch’s Michael Massie, he had a clear answer. He said, “I just think we have a really solid group from top to bottom, and everyone is extremely committed to finding that 1% every week. Whatever that is, it is. Collectively we have been solid. I feel like we haven’t reached our full potential yet, and that’s exciting to me. That’s okay with me, because it’s only halfway through the year.”

His words not only demonstrate the power of compounding, but they also touch on a crucial aspect: team effort. Each of the team members performs and gives their best, and as such the team becomes stronger. But Chase Elliott didn’t stop there; he shared his strategy for the play-offs which he believes will guarantee a great result.

He said, “You want to be good in the last ten and really like the last five. The trick is to be good enough to make it to the eighth round and, in your eyes, not yet be spectacular. Then try to be really spectacular for the last three or four weeks. It’s really about having a solid enough foundation to get you through that and then in the last few really trying to hit home runs if you can.”

And they currently have a solid foundation. Also recently at Iowa Some Cup practice this weekend, Bowman led the Chevy pack. Chase Elliott secured fifth place, with Kyle Larson and William Byron in 13th and 24th respectively. It’s worth highlighting each of those who finished in the top 12 for their average times over 10 laps.

Although they feel on top of the world, one driver is quickly gaining traction in NASCAR and could be the next big thing. And above all, Hendrick’s William Bryon acknowledged his important presence!

Is there a new threat in NASCAR city?

When it comes to road courses, there is one driver who has taken NASCAR by storm: Shane van Gisbergen. As a Supercar icon, he had shown his power in NASCAR for the first time last year in Chicago. Where he not only won the race, but also broke a record! He broke the record as the first driver in 60 years to win the Cup race on their debut – talk about participating!


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And for the past two weeks, he has dominated the Xfinity road races. He won in Portland and even at Sonoma! His performance has caught the attention of Hendrick Motorsports prodigy William Byron. And he, unlike others, has not hidden his thoughts about the newcomer. Byron has openly acknowledged that the Kiwi driver has an edge on road courses.

He said, “I do think he will definitely have an advantage on the street course. I think his awareness and feeling for the walls and how close he can be is probably the biggest advantage I see. He feels very comfortable there. Even when I saw him at the Sonoma Xfinity race in 11 hours, he was really good there compared to other people.


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As the coveted race in Chicago approaches, this statement only emphasizes the fact that drivers like Byron understand the threat! Furthermore, SvG is well versed in tight-walled circuits, making his experience in Supercars even more challenging. Moreover, he is the reigning champion on the track!

What do you think? Should HMS rethink its strategies around new threats? Let us know.