By James Gordon and Will Potter for Dailymail.Com

00:28 June 16, 2024, updated 03:13 June 16, 2024

A tense standoff has broken out in a residential Detroit neighborhood after a gunman opened fire on up to 10 people before fleeing to a nearby home.

Chaos broke out at a family splash pad in Rochester Hills, Michigan, around 5 p.m. Saturday when 28 bullets were fired in rapid succession, wounding children as young as eight years old.

The shooter then hid in a nearby home within a half-mile of the splash pad, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told Local 4 during a news conference. He added that police were in the process of obtaining a warrant to gain entry to the property.

“It seems very random, without any connectivity between the victims,” ​​Bouchard explained.

Bouchard added that the shooter “pulled up, exited a vehicle, approached the splash pad, opened fire, reloaded, opened fire, reloaded.” And then we left.’

By early Saturday evening, police had cornered the gunman in his home and said they were communicating with them in a tense standoff.

Saturday night, gunshots rang out at the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad in Rochester Hills, where up to 10 people were shot in a “random” attack.
The suspect ran into a nearby home and a tense standoff ensued with police cornering the gunman inside the property

Police arrived on the scene within two minutes of the attack after a deputy was alerted to gunshots fired through the use of the city’s new 911 technology.

Details about the victims’ conditions are unclear, although a spokesperson for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said the victims included children and adults, with the youngest just eight years old.

“It’s a blow,” Bouchard said. ‘We don’t fully understand what happened in Oxford and now we are dealing with another complete tragedy.’

By the time he fled the scene, the gunman had fired 28 rounds from a 9mm handgun and three empty magazines were recovered by investigators, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

Aerial photos of the scene showed numerous evidence markers placed around the water park, where dozens of bullets were fired in rapid succession.

No description of the shooter has been released yet negotiators and a police SWAT team cornered him outside the house where he was hiding.

Aerial photos of the scene showed numerous evidence markers placed around the water park, where dozens of bullets were fired in quick succession
Officials said the gunman shot up to 28 rounds of ammunition and reloaded several times when they opened fire
Police said they recovered a 9mm handgun used in the shooting, but it was not clear if the shooter had additional weapons during the standoff.
An officer with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department secures the scene of a shooting at the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad early Saturday evening

According to the police, it is not yet known whether there are more people in the building.

A witness to the standoff told Fox6Now that he was at a nearby home when the situation escalated, and heard police order the gunman to leave the property.

Some residents were gently led away from the streets as the standoff continued into the evening.

Corewell Health said in a statement that it confirmed several victims were being treated in hospital but declined to provide details on their conditions.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the splash pad scene was cleared but is still considered an active crime scene.

“We may have the suspect in the area, but we have asked that people stay away from the area at this time,” the office said in a statement.

“We have numerous injured victims.”

The police were stuck in a tense standoff that lasted for hours in the residential street
Officials said the splash pad had been cleared but is still considered an active crime scene
The victims include children and adults, with the youngest believed to be only eight years old
A large police presence quickly arrived on the scene and several streets were closed while the gunman remains at large
Police snipers could be seen patrolling the area hunting for the shooting suspect

The city-run splash pad faces Auburn Road and is located between a T-Mobile phone store and Mozzarella’s, a pizzeria, west of the plaza.

Streets near the splash pad park were closed by police and emergency responders Saturday evening.

Michigan Congressman John James said he was in downtown Huntington Place for former President Donald Trump’s speech to Turning Point USA when he heard news of the shooting and rushed to the scene to lend support.

“In this country, especially in Rochester Hills, under no circumstances should fathers spend Father’s Day in a hospital,” he said.

‘We are doing everything we can to help families in need. And (I want to) appeal to the first responders who have limited further damage and who are still at risk to find a solution to this crisis.”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer added in a tweet: “I am heartbroken to hear about the Rochester Hills shooting. We are monitoring the situation as updates continue to come in and are in contact with local officials.”