On June 4, I, like many others, witnessed what I would call an absolute disaster on television. Two party leaders will face off in a verbal battle to advance their policies in an effort to win more votes.

What did we get? virtually nothing.

Voters go to the polls on July 4

Both spent valuable time slaughtering each other in an attempt to show the audience who was the stronger of the two. All they succeeded in doing was showing potential voters that they were both fairly low-ranking individuals, let alone respectable high-ranking politicians, and to make matters worse, one or the other will lead the party that will run the country in a single to soften.

I despair! If these two are the best leaders their parties can come up with, God help us all, because we’re going to need it.

Actually, ITV was also to blame. I don’t know who put this program together, but whoever they were, they’re in the wrong job. Too many questions to answer in too short a time, and that was mainly taken up by the swearing. The invigilator was ineffective and unable to maintain order, but instead of telling two naughty boys to shut up, she spent her time waving her arms in the air and getting nowhere.


The background was also very bad as it distracted from the fighters.

If this bear garden continues as we get closer to the election, I wouldn’t blame anyone who has decided not to vote at all. The only problem with that is that it increases the chance that we will end up with the wrong winner. Your vote matters, believe me.

John Walsh

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