Lilly Gaddis, the traditional female TikToker who was fired from her graphic design gig this week after saying the n-word in a cooking video, has used her newfound shame to reveal more of her true colors — and they’re pretty ugly.

Gaddis, a 26-year-old North Carolina resident, has shown no regrets about the first clip, in which she characterized some of her friend’s husbands as “broke ass n****s.”

Instead, Gaddis has unleashed more smears this week as she has embraced right-wing fear-mongering that white women aren’t having enough children.

“Hey, America. Hey, people who don’t have kids,” she said Friday. “You’re some stupid bastards. The birth rate is falling, and what do you do? You’re getting married. Like, why would you even bother getting married, you loser.

Gaddis added that she was speaking “mainly to white people” and that everyone should thank single mothers because “us girls are getting confused, we are the only ones helping with the declining birth rate.”

“You’re welcome, America,” she said. “You’re damn welcome, my God.”

That bizarre rant, unsurprisingly, attracted the attention of figures on the far right, including conspirator Dinesh D’Souza. He said her “brazen candor is exactly what we need in our decent, boring culture.” Gaddis, of course, reshared the post.

Much remains a mystery about Gaddis’ life. A since-deleted LinkedIn page listed her as a graphic designer in the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina, who studied in Virginia and her home state. Most recently, she worked at Rophe of the Carolinas, a home health care company that suspended her on Tuesday due to the viral clip.

Reports have characterized Gaddis as a self-described trad woman — a trend in recent years in which influencers have embraced traditional gender roles and posted videos of themselves preparing dishes from scratch and caring for their families.

Gaddis has given no indication that she is married and her personal Instagram account remained private Friday afternoon. A second public account shows just one message: a selfie.

Still, Gaddis’ constant tantrums have led many to dig into her life, with old videos and screenshots showing her posing with a young child in several photos. She appeared to confirm claims that the child was hers, replying: “My son is white as hell” to someone who had commented on the baby’s skin colour.

A private photo page also appears to belong to Gaddis, as does a page called BabyBits — a company that was public on Friday morning but was made private by the afternoon.

Posts from friends, including one on the beach from 2021 with her smiling next to two men and a “Pro-America, Anti-Biden” flag, showed Gaddis’ political support has long been behind Donald Trump.

Another account on X, which has been inactive since 2019, appears to be owned by Gaddis. That page’s biography said she was a law student who supported Trump in 2020. In her posts, she shared support for infamous right-wing grifter Jacob Wohl, denounced the MeToo movement and promoted a blog talking about her life. views on love, the dangers of political correctness and how euthanasia poses a global threat to society.

On her active X account, Gaddis appears to have fully embraced her villain role. She crudely drops slur after slur, to the extent that some seem designed to elicit rage clicks. She proudly says that she has an affinity with saying ‘gay, retarded and n***a’. She has also attacked the LGBTQ community, complaining in a video caption that “everyone is gay.”

In some posts, she combines her racism and hatred for the LGBTQ community in the same breath.

“Y’all (sic) canceling me and not this n***a? Fag,” she wrote on Friday about Lil Uzi Vert posing with Marc Jacobs’ handbags.

In another post, she turned off the camera and wrote: “Never surrender patriots.”

Even pets haven’t been safe from this wrecking ball. She said in a video posted Friday that animals “have no souls” and are “worthless.”

“I don’t care about you, and if that loser falls over in your house, that cat you love so damn much will come over and start eating your face,” she said.

Wonder what Gaddis’ endgame might be in all of this? That’s how we are.

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