Kate Beckinsale is no stranger to the runway, and it looks like her cat is following in her footsteps.

The actress and model posted an Instagram story of her and her kitten Clive strutting down a hallway and she’s the definition of cat lady #goals. Kate epitomises ’60s glamour in a black Rebecca Vallance mini dress with cut-outs and bows on the chest.

She pairs it with a high, voluminous ponytail and shiny black wedges. I’m in love with this Holly Golightly 2.0 look that I’ve been yearning for forever.

Photo credit: Instagram by katebeckinsale

Kate’s slender looks should come as no surprise. The 48-year-old works hard in the gym and the results are evident.

Last year, she posted all sorts of intense workouts on Instagram, including hanging leg raises and battle rope exercises, followed by an intense stretching session with her trainer, who works out of Gunnar Peterson’s gym. Kardashian fans like me are no strangers to Gunnar.

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Kate told Women’s Health that she spends at least six mornings a week at the gym with Siskind.

“I work all day,” he said. And Gunnar added that Kate was “definitely one of my hardest workers. I mean every day it’s work, work, work.”

You can really see it in her videos! Here she is kicking a kickboxing bag:

Kate shared with Women’s Health the full breakdown of her workout. She starts with eight compound exercises that work two muscle groups simultaneously, like bicep curls while squatting or crunches with combo punches. After that, she moves on to cardio intervals, like rowing or the VersaClimber.

Kate starts the set again with heavier weights, extra bands, and faster reps. She finishes with another cardio interval and *phew* I’m sweating just writing this! This girl is a beast.

As for her diet, Kate makes sure to stay fueled with proteins like chicken or eggs, salads with radishes, Brussels sprouts and safflower oil, salmon and the occasional handful of potato chips.

She also loves to indulge in fries. A girl after my own heart.

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