FEMA has closed the Disaster Recovery Center in Bartlesville. Hopefully, this means that Bartlesville residents who needed help recovering from the EF4 tornado in May have all received assistance.

While the Disaster Recovery Center in Bartlesville is closing, Barnsdall Mayor says the Disaster Recovery Center will not be closing its doors anytime soon.

He said the building will move from the Early Childhood Learning Center to City Hall in August.

“I believe we cleared all the debris within four or five days of the tornado,” said Kary Cox, emergency management director for Washington County and the city of Bartlesville.

Cox says that in Bartlesville, many people are still busy repairing their properties, whether they are commercial or residential.

He says today’s closure of the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center in Bartlesville is a sign that everyone who needed to register with FEMA to qualify for recovery assistance should have done so long ago.

According to FEMA, residents can still receive assistance from FEMA at the shelters in Barnsdall and Sulphur.

“As mayor, I will likely be dealing with FEMA on this deal for years to come,” said Barnsdall Mayor Johnny Kelley.

Kelley says they’ve made significant progress with the cleanup.

“There was a lot of volunteer work here that helped us,” Kelley said.

Kelley says they also received help from ODOT, which removed some of the debris.

“Right now we’re basically at a standstill,” Kelley said.

He says they are now waiting for quotes from contractors who want to continue the job.

“We need to take 30 days to give people a chance to bid on actually removing the debris and cleaning up the berm,” Kelley said.

He stated that this period ends on July 15.

“At that point, we will open the bids and award the contract to a contractor who can begin cleaning up the debris again,” Kelley said.

As for the efforts in Bartlesville, Cox says he thinks the whole process has gone very well.

“The FEMA representatives we’ve been in contact with have been very helpful,” Cox said.

He says FEMA has been thorough in delivering their programs.

If you still need assistance from FEMA, you can apply online or by phone. We have that information on our website, KTUL.com.