Rue suffered a broken leg, foot and jaw.

Photo from the Home for Life animal shelter press release

A one-year-old cat in Minneapolis is being hailed as a resilient cat after surviving a brutal and dramatic fall.

Rue, a tabby cat with her whole life ahead of her, was thrown from a 12th-floor balcony and survived after hitting the sidewalk below, the animal sanctuary Home for Life said in a July 2 news release.

Sleeping street Photo from the Home for Life animal shelter press release

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“Minneapolis Animal Control reported that a juvenile female at the scene testified that multiple people witnessed the incident and that she was thrown from the balcony,” the sanctuary said.

“Rue miraculously survived, but she suffered a severely broken right leg and a broken left foot. The most serious injury was a broken mandible on both sides of her jaw. There were fears of further internal injuries due to the height from which she was thrown.”

Surviving kitten Photo from the Home for Life animal shelter press release

The sanctuary came to her rescue by calling a dentist who helped Rue’s surgeons bond her canines together, a less invasive method to help heal her jaw. Both of her legs were also put in casts.

“Rue is a brave and resilient cat who still tries to eat canned food, even with her damaged mouth, and even tries to groom herself despite her paws being in a cast,” the statement said. “It appears she will overcome the cruelty with which she was treated, thrown over a balcony with no regard for her life.”

Cruelty and torture to an animal can be considered a misdemeanor or felony in Minnesota.

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