OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — Thirteen seniors reported being brutally attacked and robbed in just one week in an Oakland community. But leaders of a senior living facility in the city say the number is much higher, closer to an astonishing 30.

There have been countless terrifying stories from residents of Westlake Christian Terrace who have been attacked in recent days.

“It was happening every hour on the hour,” said Sister Marie Taylor, president of the Westlake Christian Terrace residents’ council. She said she counted nearly 30 violent attacks and robberies on elderly Asian residents in less than a week.

“Not only do you grab their bag, you beat them brutally. We had several that had to go to the emergency room, one broke his wrist. We had police here for almost 7 hours filing reports. And then it continued with more on Sunday. Several residents were attacked.”

In the block of 28th Street north of Lake Merritt is the assisted living facility with more than 700 seniors, with an average age of 85. Many walk through nearby Valdez to go to the grocery store and buy groceries.

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Ling Shang recalls that one of the victims on Saturday had Alzheimer’s and could not quite comprehend what was happening when she was attacked.

“This is disgusting,” she says.

These crimes are the reason more than 50 residents gathered on Wednesday to show support and tell the city that enough is enough.

“This is a serious problem and needs to be addressed as soon as possible,” says Sister Marie.

Oakland police tell ABC7 they have made several significant arrests, thanks in part to the number of people reporting their crimes, but they are encouraging more people to come forward.

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Lisa Ausmus, a captain with the Oakland Police Department and the command center, was alerted to the crimes by Sister Marie and quickly came to the rescue.

“Reporting…that’s what really made a difference. On Monday I sent my special resource unit my crime prevention teams out to do operations. I haven’t had any robberies in that area in 2 days, which is huge.”

While residents say they are encouraged by the recent contact with Oakland police, they are still afraid.

Caregiver Kitty Pang said she was helping residents Sunday when she was groped, beaten and robbed. She pulled up her pant leg to reveal a large bruise on her shin and pointed to another injury on her thigh.

“I’m very scared, very upset… can’t sleep at night, scared.” She said with a tremor in her voice.

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However, residents say they are NOT afraid to be allies for each other…in the fight to stay safe. Sister Marie speaks for them, saying, “We are here, we pay taxes, we vote, and we need to be recognized.”

Oakland police say there was a spike in robberies citywide, with 83 between June 25 and July 1. However, they say there is no specific reason for the spike. They urge seniors to walk in larger groups and only do so during daylight hours.

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