When Go Go Loser Ranger (Sentai Daishikkaku) was initially announced as exciting to get a new Super Sentai inspired anime. Instead of stepping over familiar tropes and storylines, Go Go Loser Ranger is a dark twist that gives the subgenre a whole new perspective.

Instead of focusing on the heroes, Go Go Loser Ranger is a story about the villains. Or rather, who the world of the series considers villains. See, the world was invaded by the Nefarious Monster Army 13 years before the events of the series and they were only stopped by the glorious Dragon Keepers. The Dragon Keepers sport the familiar Power Rangers look and continue to fight against the remnants of the Nefarious Monster Army to keep the world safe.

Enter the Fighters. The Fighters are essentially enslaved beings brought to a coliseum to fight the Dragon Keepers for sport. It quickly becomes apparent that the Nefarious Monster Army is no longer a real threat, but the common citizens don’t know that. Instead, they happily gather to watch the Fighters get decimated week in and week out by the Dragon Keepers. These Sunday Showdown events are used by the Dragon Keepers to maintain their power and influence.

One of the Fighters, Fighter D (Yûsuke Kobayashi), has had enough. Fed up with the constant destruction, he is determined to take revenge on the Dragon Keepers. He infiltrates the real world and sets out to defeat the Dragon Keepers, uncovering their deep, dark secrets along the way.

Go Go Loser Ranger

It’s a fascinating premise for a few different reasons. The show takes a very similar approach to The Boys in that the people the audience treats as heroes are actually horrible, narcissistic villains. The way that Go Go Loser Ranger reveals that their cruelty is constantly evolving throughout the season, but always interesting. They go to extreme lengths to secure their place at the top of the social pecking order, committing horrific acts in the process.

All of this makes viewers sympathize not only with Fighter D, but also with the allies he meets along the way. His motivations are easy to understand, but they evolve. He meets people training to be part of the Rangers and begins to see some of them as worth saving. He’s conflicted about the NMA’s original goals of world domination, which leads him to make some truly shocking decisions toward the end of the season.

Go Go Loser Ranger spends a fair amount of time establishing the relationships between Fighter D and the people he meets. It tries to be more than just a show about one man and his quest for revenge, and it mostly works. Some of the extended storylines with these supporting characters are a bit long-winded, but they do provide additional context to Fighter D’s goals and why he makes the choices he does later on.

Go Go Loser Ranger

Where Go Go Loser Ranger What really stands out is the action. It wouldn’t be a Super Sentai series without some over-the-top fighting. Yostar Pictures does a great job of showing the fights in motion, making the characters’ actions look fluid at both fast and slow paces. There’s also a lot of creativity in the character design, making it a real joy to watch.

It helps that Fighter D never gets a chance to power up and be the typical Shonen protagonist, defeating his enemy with some absurd new abilities. He’s always at a disadvantage, never able to do it all on his own. This makes the fights more interesting and allows the animation team to really flex their muscles by pitting him against much stronger enemies and still making him look weak.

With all that, Go Go Loser Ranger isn’t perfect. It’s hampered by a 12-episode run that limits the storytelling possibilities. There’s a really good story lurking beneath the surface, but it gets lost in all the shifting pieces. All that time spent on world-building and character development is great, but it leads to a somewhat rushed ending. More time to breathe or less time spent on smaller stories would have made the ending feel more natural, but it certainly wasn’t terrible.

Go Go Loser Ranger is a Super Sentai inspired story that offers an intriguing world and fun action, but doesn’t quite land. Still, there are enough interesting characters and constant twists to make it worth checking out.

Go Go Loser Ranger is now streaming on Hulu.

Go Go Loser Ranger


In summary

Go Go Loser Ranger is a Super Sentai inspired story that offers an intriguing world and fun action, but doesn’t quite land. Still, there are enough interesting characters and constant twists to make it worth checking out.