JOHOR BARU: Meet Roy, the beloved pet of businessman Wan Shamsul Fatah Wan Arshad.

Roy is a dwarf goat. This goat is smaller in size, but more agile than its peers.

“They make really good pets. They don’t smell like regular-sized goats. They are hardy and quite manja (affectionate),” said Wan Shamsul Fatah, 34.

He said he had always been interested in keeping pygmy goats as pets, but only got around to it four months ago.

“In February I went on holiday to Thailand with my family, where we visited an elephant sanctuary. They have a petting zoo and there were pygmy goats.

“The pygmy goats were allowed to roam freely without a cage or fence. I immediately fell in love with the four-legged creature,” the father of two said in an interview at his home yesterday.

Upon returning home, Wan Shamsul Fatah immediately called a friend of his who runs an exotic pet shop in Selangor and asked him about dwarf goats.

His friend, who had the goats, told him they cost about RM3,500 each.

Wan Shamsul Fatah did not hesitate and bought three of them.

“I have a male pygmy goat, which I named Roy. The other two are females, named Sajat and Janab,” he said.

He gives them cattle feed and leaves of the jackfruit tree.

He added that he uses their droppings as fertilizer for his garden.

Then Sajat surprised him with a pregnancy.

“A few months after I had them, I noticed a lump on Sajat’s belly. I took her to a vet who did a scan and discovered she was heavily pregnant,” he added.

He said that Sajat gave birth to a female goat and a male goat early last month. The pregnancy of a goat lasts for about five months.

“However, Roy is not the father, because he has a white coat. Sajat’s offspring have a brown, dark coat,” he said.

Roy impregnated Janab, who was due to give birth soon, he added.

Wan Shamsul Fatah says he has become attached to his pygmy goats and is going to make video content with them.

“Roy has become a bit of a celebrity on social media and a lot of people ask about him. I have made about 60 videos sharing information about keeping pygmy goats as pets.”

Wan Shamsul Fatah said that people who want to keep pygmy goats need a large lawn because the animals like to run and exercise in a large space.

“You also need to know a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals because not all animals can be treated,” he added.

Another piece of advice from Wan Shamsul Fatah: “Give them love and affection.”