The South Korean studio Nexon recently released The First Descendant, a third-person action looter shooter where players can team up and defeat enemies to get better gear. The title is PvE and will allow characters to have all kinds of combat abilities.

However, it appears that a portion of players are already complaining about the game’s performance on certain platforms. Apparently, the PS5 version works quite poorly and graphically does not look as it should, yet players seem to be enjoying this new free-to-play game.

The First Descendant Is Already Getting the First Complaints From Players The First Descendant is not performing well on PS5. Image via Nexon.

Despite the saturation of titles in this genre, Nexon, a South Korean studio, takes a chance to attract players to their new game. That’s why they recently launched The First Descendant, a free-to-play, third-person action PvE game with looter shooter mechanics.