JAKARTA – The name of celebrity Salshabilla Adriani is back in the spotlight as it is suspected that his wedding invitation to Ibrahim Rasyid has spread through social media.

The invitation itself was first uploaded by the TikTok account @preciousaturn, which features Salshabilla Adriani and Ibrahim Rasyid wearing a blue wedding dress. It is suspected that the wedding dress worn by Salshabilla Adriani and Ibrahim Rasyid is a modern Minang traditional wedding dress.

The invitation not only showed Salshabilla Adriani and Ibrahim Rasyid’s bond, but also included a suspected date for their wedding.

“The wedding of Salshabilla and Ibrahim 07.07.2024,” reads the upload cited by VOI from the TikTok account @preciousaturn, Thursday, July 8.

This upload caused an immediate reaction from netizens who saw it. Not infrequently, many support this news, but some also say that the photo is only edited.

“I’m glad to see it. Salsa Ohim (Ibrahim Rasyid’s nickname) is going smoothly until the D-day, hopefully it will go smoothly. Amen,” wrote the account @ime*****.

“Finally. Congratulations Sha, I wish you the best of luck,” said the account @buk*****.

“Do you have money?” asked account @fik*****.

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