Novak Djokovic won and played well in his Wimbledon debut against Kopriva. The former world number 1 has only lost five games to his opponent, and shows excellent physical condition despite a knee operation a few weeks ago.

Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon 2024
Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon 2024© Sean M. Haffey / Staff – Getty Images Sports

The 24-time Grand Slam champion will face Jacob Fearnley in the next round. Fearnley wants to enjoy the experience to the fullest: “I don’t think many people know how to answer that question. I have no idea. I’ve seen a lot of his videos and he has no weaknesses. I think I’ll go out there, enjoy myself and show my game on the court and see what happens. I don’t think it’s a game where you use a lot of tactics.”

Novak Djokovic takes on Fearnley

Novak Djokovic has had to deal with many doubts in recent weeks: the first one was directly related to his presence at the championships. After his surgery on his right knee in Paris on June 5, the Serbian champion began a race against time to play Wimbledon, the tournament he has always loved and that allowed him to realize one of his biggest dreams.

Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon 2024
Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon 2024© Adam Pretty / Staff – Getty Images Sport

“The training week was, as I said, great. Obviously the competition is very different, especially when it’s the first official match on Wimbledon Central Field. I didn’t know what I would feel on the court and how my knee would react, but I couldn’t have wished for a better start to the tournament.

Today I didn’t feel any pain similar to the pain I felt during the match against Francisco Cerundolo at Roland Garros,” Djokovic explained at the conference. “I started cautiously, maybe not pushing 100%.

I played well enough to win safely in three sets. I felt that as the minutes went by I started to move better and better.” About his next opponent – ​​wildcard Jacob Fearnley, he finally said: “I’ve never seen him play, so I’ll have to study.”