Javier Bernal recently suffered a serious injury that required surgery, which will likely keep him out for a while. He has since shared updates on his recovery, including some graphic photos of his condition post-surgery.

On the June 7 episode of Level Up, Bernal competed in his final match, but later shocked fans during a Twitch stream by revealing that he had broken his foot in multiple places.

Javier Bernal confirmed that he underwent surgery for his foot injury and has been on the road to recovery ever since. Taking to Twitter today, Javier Bernal gave a detailed update on the progress of his recovery. In the first photo, he showed the state of his broken foot, showing how badly it had swollen.

“Photo 1: The day of the incident, as you can see, I got a large tennis ball hit on my foot! ~June 7!”

Javier Bernal then sent a photo of his foot, one week after the surgery, which showed that he has an external pin in his foot that will be removed in three weeks.

”Picture 2: About a week after my surgery (~June 27th). I have an external pin that will eventually be removed (yes, I will be awake) in about 3 weeks.”

The NXT Superstar then revealed that he is now wearing a cast and no longer a splint. He also said that he will keep the cast until he is ready to have the pin removed from his foot and will eventually wear a boot instead.

”Picture 3: I went from a splint to a cast (today)! I’m keeping this on until we’re ready to remove the pins and (hopefully) walk in a boot! (Note the weight on the ankle, I’m still trying to get big)”

We also reported how long he will be out of action after the surgery. Regardless, fans are eagerly awaiting Javier Bernal’s return to NXT television and hope to see him back in action as soon as possible, doing what he loves most.

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