Joe Rogan didn’t hesitate for a moment when Mike Tyson asked him to name his UFC GOAT.

Rogan covered the fights of Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones during his legendary career as a UFC commentator.

But during the UFC GOAT debate, the 56-year-old chose to name another fighter.

When Rogan spoke to boxing legend Tyson about the best UFC players, he chose former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, who had a legendary tenure with the organization.

During a 2022 episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight world champion asked Rogan for his opinion on the best fighter in UFC history. To which he replied, “It’s hard to say, but it might have been Mighty Mouse.

“When Mighty Mouse was at his best, he was so great, he was so fast and he did things that you couldn’t believe he could do.”

Rogan argued his case by pointing to Johnson’s spectacular victory over Ray Borg, adding: “He hit a guy with a suplex and caught him with an armbar on the way down

“And I’m not exaggerating. He dumped this guy, and when he took him to the ground, he got him in an armbar.”

‘Mighty Mouse’ defeated the likes of Ian McCall, Joseph Benavidez and Henry Cejudo and defended his title a whopping 11 times during his time as 125lbs champion. Only Jon Jones managed to do the same.

Joe Rogan suggested Demetrious Johnson could be the UFC GOAT (Image: Getty)

Joe Rogan suggested Demetrious Johnson could be the UFC GOAT (Image: Getty)

He was a special talent and completely neutralized his opponents. Rogan praised the fighter’s dominance at the height of his powers.

“When he was at his best, he was fighting world-class opponents and they weren’t even touching him,” he added.

“He would move into angles they weren’t expecting, he would feint and try to get takedowns, he would kick them in the head if they thought he was going to get a takedown.

“He just hit people with magic shit.”

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