Kamal Haasan is currently receiving rave reviews for his sharp performance in Nag Ashwin‘S’Kalki AD 2898‘. He has, as always, left no stone unturned to stand out with his high-voltage performances, which he has been delivering for decades. We came across his old interview, in which he said that his dream of working with Raj Kapoor almost became reality. However, Anil Kapoor appeared on the scene later and changed the course of events.
Kamal Haasan shared the full story with The Times of India and said, “This was soon after the release of my film Swati Muthyam in 1985. Raj Kapoor Saab woke me up suddenly one night after the silver jubilee function in Chennai, where he had come to distribute the trophies. He liked my character very much and said that he would have liked to play it at my age. He humbly offered to produce it in Hindi. If it worked out, it would be the last film that Raj Kapoor Saab would personally produce. And I would have become part of the RK family.”
He added, “Unfortunately, director Saab (K Vishwanath) had already committed to another Kapoor (Anil) for the Hindi version. It became so embarrassing for me when Raj Saab said that he would send a production manager to meet me to finalise the deal. Guess who it was? Rishi Kapoor. When I saw Rishi Kapoor at my doorstep in Chennai, I was surprised. But he chuckled, ‘I am the production guy.’ Now that I have missed that opportunity, I consider myself a big loser. I am sure that if I had done Swati Muthyam with Raj Saab, I would have made a place in his heart.”
Kamal Haasan developed a close friendship with “production man” Rishi Kapoor during their collaboration on the film Sagar, co-starring Dimple Kapadia, directed by Ramesh Sippy.
Kamal Haasan recalled his time on Sagar and said that it took 120 days to complete the shoot. He described Ramesh Sippy as a pioneer in taking his time to make films, a style that was adopted by many other directors in Mumbai. Haasan pointed out that iconic filmmakers like Raj Kapoor were able to manage delays because they controlled the budget and followed their own guidelines.
However, he stressed that such practices are not feasible in today’s commercial cinema, which operates as a legitimate business and cannot afford delays as in personal projects.
Kamal Haasan is a very versatile figure in Indian cinema, known for his exceptional work, especially in Tamil cinema. Apart from his acclaimed performances in Tamil films, he has also left a lasting impression with his remarkable roles in Hindi cinema. His diverse talents include acting, filmmaking, screenwriting, playback singing, television presenting and active involvement in politics. Kamal Haasan is celebrated and loved for his unparalleled contributions to the world of entertainment.