For many NBA fans, the debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is still about Air Jordan.

But when it comes to the one thing that makes the world go round, The King has it all.

LeBron James beat Michael Jordan and it’s not even closeSource: Getty

James made his debut in 2003 at age 19, just out of high school, just as Jordan was leaving the league for the last time.

Since then, the Akron, Ohio native has won four NBA championships and four MVP awards, while also making a ton of money playing basketball.

According to ESPN, James’ latest big move saw the league’s all-time leading scorer sign a new two-year, $104 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers that includes a no-trade clause.

Now LeBron gets to play with his son Bronny, who was recently drafted by the Lakers at No. 55 in the draft and became emotional when his name was called at the end of the second round.

LeBron has played for Cleveland, Miami, Cleveland again and the Lakers during an unprecedented streak that will soon enter its 22nd year.

As a rookie, he earned $4 million and it wasn’t until 2007 that he reached the $10 million mark in a single season with the Cavs.

LeBron even had to return to Cleveland to cross the $20 million mark in a year.

But as time went on, so did the money.

Michael Jordan played at a time when NBA stars didn’t make as much moneySource: Getty
Jordan was an icon on and off the courtSource: Getty

LeBron would earn $104 million if he plays for the Lakers for the next two years (retiring after this season is also an option). Over the course of his legendary career, he would have earned a whopping $583 million.

And then we haven’t even mentioned the huge sums of money he has earned from sponsorships, which have seen The King regularly appear on television around the world and in Hollywood films.

Flashback to when LeBron James’ decision to enter free agency drastically changed the NBA and enraged fans across the league when he selected the Miami Heat

Financially, Jordan is doing well.

One of the most famous athletes of all time and a man with a perfect 6-0 record in the NBA Finals recently became the first sports star to make the Forbes 400.

With this, MJ surpassed the staggering net worth of 3 billion dollars.

But on the NBA hardwood, playing in a different era has clearly hindered a player widely regarded as basketball’s best.

Jordan earned just $555,000 as a rookie.

It wasn’t until his fifth pro season that he earned more than $1 million a year.

It wasn’t until his 33rd year on Earth that MJ surpassed the $10 million mark in an NBA season.

He was grossly underpaid during his first four world championships with the Bulls, but by 1996 he was eventually earning $30 million a year.

In total, Jordan earned more than $93 million during his time with Chicago.

Few fans know that during his final two seasons with the Washington Wizards, he earned just $1 million per year.

If James earns his new $104 million salary with the Lakers, he will have earned $490 million more than Air Jordan in the NBA.

But when you consider that Jordan is currently worth over $3 billion, it’s safe to say that both The King and MJ are doing well in the bank.