What are two goats doing in a boat?

Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda celebrated their facial hair with a funny song about goatees, posted to social media on Friday.

The video, shared to Fallon’s Instagram, begins with the host shaving his beard into a goatee.

“Wow, that’s quite a goat,” Fallon remarks as he admires himself in the mirror. “I wish I had someone to share it with.”

The 43-year-old then suddenly finds himself on the water, singing, “I’m a goat on a boat, heading out for a summer ride, I wish I still had a goat.”

From behind Fallon in the canoe, the Hamilton The creator jumps out as the duo sings, “Two goats in a boat.”

What are those two goats actually up to?

“Listening to Hall and Oates,” “wearing our winter coats,” and “putting our coats in our bags,” of course!