Alternative rock band LOSER, with strong roots in Sunbury, bring their energetic sound to the Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar to launch their new single.

The song, titled “New Heights,” encapsulates the band’s ethos and expresses their desire to find new ways to live, communicate and express art.

LOSER bassist Craig Selak, who hails from Sunbury, said the band has a connection to Sunbury, where they used to have a recording studio.

“We apologize to all residents who heard the drums while we were tracing!” said Selak.

The band’s lead singer, Tim Maxwell, also grew up in Sunbury.

Because many bands are formed in Sunbury and then tour with their music, Selak feels connected to other local artists.

“I think a lot of bands start in Sunbury and then move on, but you always have that ‘Sunburyness’ in you that takes you back… everyone knows someone who had a guitar in their hands growing up,” he said.

“There’s always that connection. You run into people you know on tour, playing other shows, but there’s always that connection.”

Selak said Sunbury’s music history also plays a role in the identity of local artists.

“There’s always the shadow of the Sunbury Festival hanging over it too, it seemed like such an amazing event that still lives on in people’s minds… so it’s quite cool to have that hanging on your belt as well. Like you’re carrying the torch in a way”

LOSER will present their new single on Friday July 12th at the Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar.