July 3, 1924: Excursion to Mack. Island

Since there is no real Fourth of July celebration in town, the villagers travel outside the community for their vacation. The majority of vacationers will visit the excursion on the Elva steamboat to Mackinac Island, St. Ignace and Les Cheneaux Islands.

The local city council saw no way to free up money for a regular Fourth of July celebration. Although there will be several attractions in the city that day, such as horse racing and other competitions at the carriage driving track and the baseball game at the Lincoln Avenue grounds, there is no extensive program of entertainment organized.

The Elva steamboat leaves McArthur Dock at 10:00 a.m. Railroad time and returns at 10:00 p.m. The delay in the return trip is due to the street dance on Mackinac Island in the early hours of the evening. Many excursionists appreciate the extra hour they have on the island to participate in the dance, for which the music is provided by the famous Fischer’s Orchestra of Kalamazoo.

Those who don’t feel like taking such a long boat ride can drive to Mackinaw City and take the ferry to the island. Or the train will take them to Mackinaw City, where the ferry crosses every hour.

July 5, 1974: Onaway had a marijuana garden

Onaway police on Monday discovered and destroyed two well-tended, small vegetable gardens containing marijuana.

Police Officer Robert Rudy stated that one lot was on Lynn Street and the other was on Seventh Street, both in Onaway. No arrests were made at that time.

With the exception of samples for laboratory use, all marijuana plants were destroyed.