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2022’s X introduced viewers to a new twist on a classic slasher, with Scream Queen Mia Goth who takes on a dual role as both the final girl Maxine and serial killer Pearl. Now, MaXXXine — the final film in the franchise — will Ti West– directed trilogy that left fans wanting more.

X — for all its gory, gruesome fun — rose above the typical horror film by taking an introspective look at the relationship between beauty and aging. The prequel that followed, Pearl, served as a unique character study for X’s main antagonist, unraveling the origin story of the homicidal maniac obsessed with regaining her youth. MaXXXine shifts the story back to Goth’s final girl role, set years after she escaped the horrors of that remote Texas ranch where the action of X was set.

So what can fans expect? By X’s last moments, all of Maxine’s friends together with both of the killers lie six feet underground. Maxine has crushed Pearl’s head with a truck, while Pearl’s husband, Howard, died of a heart attack minutes earlier. But that doesn’t mean Maxine’s ghosts won’t come back to haunt her when the final film is set in 1980s Los Angeles.

Although Maxine survived the intense experience, X indicates that she chose not to report what happened to the authorities. In the last scene of the film, Sheriff Dentler (James Gaylyn) discovers the aftermath of the murders, including the group’s amateur film tape, The Farmer’s Daughterwhich most likely ended up in the wrong hands.

Now that Maxine is preparing for a serious acting career in a mid-range Hollywood horror film, The Puritan IIthe lost tape can be a big problem for a private investigator (Kevin Bacon) takes up her case and threatens to blow her cover. There’s also a satanic serial killer — possibly the infamous real-life killer Richard Ramirez, aka The Night Stalker — stalking Max and her friends as his next victims.

It looks like Maxine’s past is coming back to haunt her.

Besides the inevitable murders and sensation, MaXXXine Viewers should also prepare for plenty of tributes to horror classics, including a reference to the infamous Bates Motel from Psychowhich can be seen in the trailer.

Goth said he could film on location TIME magazine earlier this month, was one of the highlights of her career.

“When we finally got the green light and got there, it was one of the coolest days I’ve had on set in the last 10 years. It was really special,” she told the outlet. “It had a certain vibe, a certain energy, there was just something in the air and it had a way of informing those scenes that I didn’t expect, which was really cool.”

West, for his part, was also hyped to film at such an iconic location. In fact, much of the film takes place on the Universal backlot.

“I always had this idea in my head of using a studio backyard as a backyard, so that the fake city would be the fake city,” he said Deadline in an interview in July. “I’ve always liked the idea of ​​going from New York to the Wild West and exposing that facade. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, and this film came along as a vehicle for that.”

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He continued: “In Xthey have a conversation about Psycho. For MaXXXineI wrote (the scenes in the Psycho house) in the script, I’m not sure we would ever get permission to do it, but it was interesting for us to actually do it. It was very surreal, to be honest. It was fun to be on the property, but to Psycho “It was a strange thing to do.”

As for why West — who serves as director, writer and producer on the trilogy — chose to return for a third film, it was to give the story “a lot more scope” than his predecessors. But like the others, it was also important to him that MaXXXine could serve as a standalone film if needed. (Our opinion? If you go to the cinema for MaXXXinewatching Pearl will deepen the story. Xis meanwhile imperative (to even understand the plot.)

“(The films are) enriched by each other, and it’s better if you see them all, but you don’t have to see them all,” West explained. “By making them standalone films, I didn’t want to be repeating the same beats over and over again.”

West noted that because all three films are set in different “eras,” they are influenced by the horror films of their time. “So the natural progression was to then go into the ’80s and have Maxine evolve as a character and be influenced by the cinema of That “And that era was a more excessive era, which provided a different angle for the story.”

West has claimed that MaXXXine will probably be the end of the X franchise, but he hinted that there’s “always a chance” he could return to the concept in the future.

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“I am very happy with the three films,” he said Deadline“I’m very proud of our collaboration on the three films, and I have some ideas about how we can continue the universe that exists now. X. But after working on it non-stop for so long… in about two weeks it will be the first time I wake up in the morning and not find myself chasing something related to the X franchise. So… I don’t know, we’ll see. I might want to take a chance and maybe do something else, and then maybe come back one day.”

Goth told in turn TIME that while the role of Maxine has given her “roles that were written for women and are sometimes hard to find elsewhere,” she is officially “done” with her “scream queen era.”

“I would love to do a romantic movie,” she said. “I’m so focused on this end of the spectrum of violence and gore, but I also love love.”