If you’re up for a brutal shaving challenge, you can say sayonara to strawberry legs this summer.

One Redditor thinks his tip is worth following for the silky results.


A fan of smooth, strawberry-free legs has shared her tip for getting summer-ready legs: just be prepared to use tough love (archive image)Credits: Getty Images – Getty

Redditor Raspberrymojito1 will do anything to get rid of the redness on his legs.

Just be warned, this is not for the faint of heart.

“Take a washcloth, a little piece of rough towel, and you’re going to scrub it like your life depends on it with any body soap for at least a minute or so,” she said.

“Then I use shaving cream or conditioner to shave and since I’ve been doing this my strawberry legs have disappeared, try it!” she continued.

This razor sergeant wants to make sure you follow his “strict” rules.

“Basically, you really need to exfoliate your skin before you shave and it will be silky smooth, I promise!” she says.

If you need help with this shaving technique, you can invest in a Terra Distribution Extra Rough Exfoliating Wash Mitt, available on Amazon for $13.95.

The washcloth is described as having a “super hard” texture.

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Made of tough fibers, you can scrub as hard as you can.

It is also recommended to wash particularly thoroughly after exercise.

My Shaving Tips Will Give You The Smoothest Legs Ever – One Crucial Step Will Avoid Strawberry Skin

The cloth creates extra lather – perfect for your conditioner or shaving cream.

Others shared their own life-changing shaving tips.

“I wait a few days between shaves. Even though the hairs look medium length, it’s gross, I know,” one user said.

“I use exfoliating gloves with Soft Soap Luminous Oils Shower Gel – it’s super cheap and amazing. I’ve tried a million different high end and drugstore shower gels and I always come back to this one.

“Then I take a new razor and use this Moroccan rose shaving oil to shave. It makes my skin super soft! I use moisturizer and body oil when I get out of the bath.”


The Terra Distribution Wash Mitt provides an extra rough and exfoliating scrubbing experienceCredit: Amazon

“I actually get great results with Dove. I think the most important thing is to have a soap with the right ingredients for you,” said another.

Some Redditors have also given their opinions on the best types of razors to use.

“Men’s razors! I stole a Gillette Mach5 razor from my husband a few years ago and I just replace the head every month. I’ll never go back to a women’s razor again!” said one user.

“Me too! Now I buy the big packs at Costco and they last us a year or more,” added another.

“Same. Women’s razors are like more expensive toy razors. They’re like Fisher Price razors lol,” one Redditor commented.