Joe Rogan once picked Demetrious Johnson over Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jon Jones as his UFC GOAT. Speaking to Mike Tyson on the Hotboxin’ podcast, Rogan spoke highly of Johnson’s abilities.

Rogan highlighted how Johnson seemed invincible despite facing world-class competition throughout his career. The UFC color commentator also raved about Johnson’s viral finish over Ray Borg.

Joe Rogan Names Demetrious Johnson His UFC GOAT Ahead of Mike Tyson

Demetrious Johnson, who recently denied Dana White’s claims that she didn’t want PPV pointswas named the UFC GOAT by Joe Rogan. Speaking to Mike Tyson on the Hotboxin’ podcast, Rogan said, “When Mighty Mouse was in his prime, he was so great, he was so fast and he did things that you couldn’t believe he could do.”

Rogan then marveled at Johnson’s spectacular finish over Ray Borg, in which ‘Mighty Mouse’ hit a flying armbar to clinch the win. Rogan also compared Johnson’s fighting style to magic, saying:

“When he was at his best, he was fighting world-class players and they wouldn’t even touch him,” he said.

Joe Rogan then emphasized Johnson’s complete skill set, pointing out that DJ could compete anywhere the match took place, concluding, “He was just hitting people with wizard shit.”

Demetrious Johnson had a great UFC run and was the first UFC flyweight champion. His reign lasted 2,142 days and Johnson set the record for most consecutive title fight wins with an 11-fight streak.

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Joe Rogan has always been a fan of Demetrious Johnson’s technique

Demetrious Johnson’s impeccable technique is what stands out most about him. Johnson recently defeated a 250-pound man, nearly twice his size, in a jiu-jitsu match.

When Joe Rogan broke down Johnson’s performance against Joey Diaz on the Joe Rogan Experience show, he said, “He’s probably the best ever. In terms of pure martial arts technique, I think Mighty Mouse is the best expression of martial arts technique.”

Demetrious Johnson currently fights for One Championship and joined the promotion as part of a trade deal for Ben Askren to UFC in 2019. ‘Mighty Mouse’ is currently the ONE flyweight champion.

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