Civilian Neighborhood in Gaza, July 2024 Photo: AA

July 3, 2024 Hour: 9:03 pm

The bodies of one woman and four of her children were identified; one remains missing.

On Wednesday night, an Israeli attack killed nine civilians and injured several in Gaza City.

Gaza Strip: +90 per Cent of Gazans Displaced at Least Once

According to the correspondent of the WAFA news agency in that Palestinian territory, “the bodies of five members of the family arrived at the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City after the bombing of an apartment belonging to the Banaat family”.

This location is located near a mosque in central Gaza City.

“The five were identified as Kamal Awad Banaat, his son Abdul Salam and his daughters Raghad, Hidaya and Rama. Awad’s daughter, Rawaa, is still missing,” says WAFA.

The paramedics also managed to rescue four bodies of people and several wounded people who were under the rubble of an apartment that left the bombing belonging to the Al-Ghafri family in al-Tuffah neighborhood.

The debris is “an apartment belonging to the Al-Ghafri family in the al-Tuffah neighbourhood, east of Gaza City,” the note clarifies.

The genocide perpetrated by Israel against the Gaza Strip and the Occupied West Bank has left more than 37,953, since its beginning in October 2023, according to the latest update by the Gaza health authorities.

Of this number, the majority are children and women, while the number of injured is around 87,266.

These figures do not represent the real number of dead and wounded, as the Palestinian authorities warn at least 10,000 people under the rubble, a number that is not entirely accurate.