Everything that happens in Bulgaria is like an invitation to Rumen Radev to enter the field. Radev is in a relatively comfortable position and now something can happen if there is time. The situation in the country is such that it has the chance to be as far away from PP-DB as GERB-SDS.

This was said by Parvan Simeonov, doctor of political science and political management, in an interview with BNR. In “12+3” he commented on the political situation after the government proposed by GERB-SDS failed to pass through parliament.

“In any situation, Rumen Radev is in the most comfortable position, and if the Constitutional Court rolls back the constitutional changes, he may find himself in an extremely important role, then he may feel uncomfortable, because the eyes will be on him,” said Parvan Simeonov.

According to him, new parliamentary elections will take place in the autumn, “not around September 22, but in early October”.

He believes that there are many scenarios for the political picture in our country, but “internal problems within the DPS cloud this issue in the elections”.
“Zhelyazkov said that the elections are on average 6 months apart, as in that dirty joke: ‘it only hurt the first time,’ that is, it didn’t hurt for a long time,” Simeonov recalled.

And commented:

“You see that Peevski’s plan is not being implemented, there is no government, Borisov’s plan is being implemented – no government. This is such a party cabinet that it goes all the way to the MMC. This cabinet is that game of who is least guilty.”

Parvan Simeonov admitted that he left politics for about a month, but “you can see better underwater.”

He described the debates in parliament as a ‘pre-election meeting’:

“Lyuben Dilov-son already said, some people who will not support him want a government, those who support him do not. Because if I were Boyko Borisov and Zhelyazkov, I would not want to be a hostage of the DPS.”

Parvan Simeonov believes that “Apparently, Borisov did not expect the entry of “Majesty” into the National Assembly and therefore he attacked the sociologists for not noticing “Greatness.”

“As for me, one of those who caught it, I noticed that Borisov got nervous because he didn’t get 70-80 deputies,” according to the political scientist.

And added:

Probably the US elections are the turning point that has been waiting. I think that Dogan is not in the DPS forever, but he has not said the last word and so far it is debatable who won – Peevski or Dogan. But both are not a projection of Ankara.

“GERB is compact, monolithic and tight, but their problem is this intra-party look that they allow themselves and I’m not sure they have a plan. It’s interesting in DPS because there are geopolitical projections, I hope there is some sense in it. After all, Peevski is a product of Dogan,” Parvan Simeonov said.