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03 Jul 2024 22:36 IST

New Delhi (India), July 3 (ANI): Opposition leader and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused Defence Minister Rajnath Singh of “lying” in Parliament over the Agniveer plan and demanded an apology from Singh.
In his video message on X, Rahul Gandhi said that Singh had lied in Parliament on the issue of compensation to families of the slain Agniveers.
“The importance of truth in every religion. Rajnath Singh lied in front of the picture of Lord Shiva about the compensation for the country, his forces and Agniveers. I have said in my speech that you should not listen to me or his (Rajnath Singh) speech, but listen to the family of Agniveer,” the Leader of Opposition said in a video message.
He shared the video of Agniveer Ajay Singh’s father, who died in Jammu and Kashmir, and said that despite Singh’s claims, his family had not received the promised compensation.
Ajay Singh’s father said, “Rajnath Singh stated that families of fallen soldiers have been given compensation of Rs 1 crore but his family has not received any such help. Rahul Gandhi is raising our voice in the Parliament that families of martyrs should be given all necessary help. Agniveer recruitment should be stopped and regular recruitment should be restored,” Agniveer’s father Ajay Singh said.

The congress leader demanded an apology from the defense minister.
“The Defence Minister has lied to the family of the slain Ajay Singh ji, the armed forces and the youth of the country and must apologise to them. Daro mat, Darao mat,” he added.
Earlier on June 1, Rajnath Singh in Parliament objected to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in the Lok Sabha on the Agniveer scheme. He said that financial assistance of one crore rupees will be given to the family of the Agniveer who sacrifices his life while protecting the country’s borders or during a war.
Rajnath Singh accused Rahul Gandhi of trying to mislead the Lok Sabha by making incorrect statements.
“He Rahul Gandhi should not try to mislead the House by making wrong statements. Financial assistance of Rs one crore is being given to the family of the Agniveer who sacrificed his life while protecting our borders or during war,” the Defence Minister said.
Rahul Gandhi alleged that Agniveer is not called a ‘jawan’ and that Agniveers who serve for four years do not get pension.
“On one hand, you give him six months of training and on the other hand, the Chinese soldiers are given five years of training. You give the gun to our jawan and make him stand in front of them. You instill fear in him. You create a divide between two jawans. One gets pension and the other does not. And then you call yourself ‘deshbhakt’. ‘Ye kaise deshbhakt hai?’ he asked. (ANI)