Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is trying to discredit a Vanity Fair report that showed a photo of him eating something they called a dog. Kennedy says it was a goat, and the issue has sparked an uproar against his campaign.

Kennedy told NewsNation, “I’m a very adventurous eater. I’ll eat anything, but I wouldn’t eat a dog.” Kennedy also said during an appearance Tuesday on CUOMO, “It’s a goat, and you are what you eat.”

Kennedy said it is ironic that Vanity Fair’s “persistent complaint against him” is that he is spreading disinformation, since “the whole article is just a dumping ground of disinformation.”

The photo appears to show Kennedy and an unidentified woman pretending to eat some sort of quadruped. According to Vanity Fair , they spoke to a veterinarian, who said the animal is a dog.

Kennedy also appeared on Fox News to deny eating a dog and said the photo was real.

Animal rights group PETA criticized Kennedy for his behavior, regardless of the animal involved.

“We can’t confirm the species based on that photo alone, but it doesn’t matter how many ribs a dog or a goat or RFK Jr. has; it’s what’s inside that counts, and all animals have beating hearts,” a PETA spokesperson told the Washington Examiner. “The problem is that some people don’t seem to have any and see animals as something to be eaten rather than someone to be respected.”

Democrats seized the opportunity to smear Kennedy, who some say could steal voters from President Joe Biden, and reposted a photo of him with the animal.

It seems no coincidence that Kennedy posted a video Tuesday night of himself “rescuing” a snake from the home of a friend of his daughter.


Kennedy was also accused of sexual abuse in the article: a former babysitter he employed said he had groped her on several occasions between 1998 and 1999. He did not deny the allegation and declined to comment on it.

“I’ve said this from the beginning. I’m not a church boy. I don’t run for office. I said … I had a very, very exuberant childhood. I said in my announcement speech that I have … so many skeletons in my closet that if they all got to vote, I could run for king of the world,” Kennedy said.