Think of some of the most common phrases you’ve heard, such as “mature like fine wine” And “the sky is the limit.” Well, when it comes down to it Simone BilesThere are no better idioms to represent her. At the U.S. Olympic Trials, the 27-year-old secured a third-place finish on the Olympic team and is on track to become the oldest American female gymnast at the Games in the past 72 years. And as for the sky being the limit, Biles pulled off an almost unthinkable gravity-defying move!

Can you imagine a 4’10” person jumping 12 feet high? That’s exactly what Simone Biles did on her floor routine. Let’s go back to the 2019 US Gymnastics Championships. On her floor routine, Biles became the first woman to land a triple-double in a competition. NBC reporter Nick Zaccardi described it this way: “It was the epitome of what Simone Biles is – the length, the power and the clean execution. There’s no one else who can do that skill…” Well, except for Simone Biles, who seems to have executed it even more perfectly (if that’s possible) during last week’s practice matches.

And in doing so, she may have just added a new record to her already glowing resume. The skill—performed to Taylor Swift’s…Are you ready for it? playing in the background – ended with a flawless landing without a stumble or wobble. This routine earned her the best score of the night (14.725), but even more interesting was the height she reached compared to other sports. Sports Center shared a photo of Biles at 12 feet tall performing the triple-double, comparing her jump to that of the tallest active NBA player, Victor Wembanyama. “SIMONE BILES FLEES 🤯” They wrote.


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Interestingly, Wemby is 7’4”, which Simone Biles cleared by more than 4 feet! In fact, the jump even surpassed the Frenchman’s standing reach, which is a whopping 9’7”. As for Wemby’s vertical leap, it’s around 2’8”, which would allow him to reach a height of 10 feet. That’s still 2 feet shy of the Minneapolis gymnast’s staggering leap. Her leap even surpassed some of the highest high jumps in history.

Did Simone Biles Just Pass Victor Wembanyama? React!

According to World AthleticsThe current women’s high jump world record stands at 2.09 meters, set by Stefka Kostadinova in 1987. How high did Simone Biles jump in comparison? 3.65 meters, more than 1.5 meters higher. In addition, the World Indoor Championship record of 2.05 meters in the same division is similarly eclipsed. This season’s high jump world record of 2.04 meters also falls short. But does this mean the 27-year-old has broken the high jump world record?

No, it doesn’t. Two important factors distinguish the high jump from the somersault in gymnastics. The fixed rules of high jump clearly prohibit jumping with both feet on the ground and using a springboard. Both are used in gymnastics. Somersaults in gymnastics are the result of jumping with both feet, because the momentum is created by applying force to the mat with both feet. This force propels the gymnast into the air with considerable effect. In contrast, in high jump, the resulting force is not as high, because the athlete pushes off the ground with one foot, which results in a lower push-off.

Another factor is the presence of the mat. In gymnastics, the mats are much more flexible. In contrast, the high jump field is much stiffer. As a result, the reactive force in the high jump is less powerful than on the gymnastics mat. While Simone Biles’ 12-foot jump may not be the high jump record, it was still very impressive.

Yes, the springboard has springs underneath it to support the heights it reaches, but they don’t come close to the bounce that a trampoline would otherwise provide. And yes, gymnasts can generate a lot more momentum from the jumps leading up to the skill, just as the run-up did for Biles during the triple-double. As for Biles, it’s largely her strength-to-weight ratio that allows her to jump more than twice her height. But while she may have previously broken the 10-foot mark, the 12-foot jump was a first. That said, when it comes to Simone Biles and jumps, she’s gotten used to making history.


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Simone Biles’s line starts where everyone else’s ends

You see, even Simone Biles impressed herself with that jump. Although her smile after landing the skill perfectly was any indication, she reposted Sports Center’s Instagram post on her story. In fact, NASA Marshall’s official X account even tweeted, “Perfect trajectory for the launch to Paris! 🚀” And it was indeed the perfect launch for her third Olympic campaign, which she calls her own. “redemption tour.”

After withdrawing from the team final at the Tokyo Olympics due to the “bends,” Biles took an extended break from gymnastics to regain confidence in her abilities. She returned to competition in 2023 and came back with a bang. At the 2023 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp, the American became the first woman to perform a Yurchenko double pike in international competition. She was supposed to do it at the Tokyo Olympics, but due to the “bends,” she couldn’t do that.


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But when she returned to competition last year, she was given the perfect opportunity to master another skill. When she rehearsed it in Antwerp, the crowd went wild. She did it again in competition, and while she may have missed her landing, it marked the moment when the Yurchenko double pike officially became the Biles II. She scored a stunning 15.266 for that jump.

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