Solana-based DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Jupiter (JUP) has recently garnered notable attention in the crypto space. Despite the bearish movement of the broader crypto market today, July 4, the JUP token has garnered optimism about future price movements.

Notably, Upbit, a well-known South Korean crypto exchange, has added support for the native token of the Solana DEX on its platform. This mover is seen as a bullish factor and is expected to amplify the future price movements of the token.

South Korean stock exchange unveils listing

According to the official statement of the Ubit crypto exchange, JUP trading will begin today. The available pairs are JUP/USDT, JUP/BTC and JUP/KRW.

Deposits and withdrawals begin two hours after the official statement is released. The network for deposits and withdrawals is Solana.

It is worth noting that the exchange does not support transactions via networks other than guided ones. Furthermore, buy orders are prohibited for approximately 5 minutes after trading support. “Sell orders at prices lower than 10% of the previous day’s closing price are prohibited for approximately 5 minutes after trading support,” the exchange added.

Meanwhile, other updates regarding the JUP listing were also published on Upbit’s official site.

At the same time, crypto market participants are expecting a paradigm shift in prices as previous listings on the South Korean exchange have sparked significant upward action. CoinGape Media reported earlier this year that Zetachain (ZETA) and Omni Network (OMNI) saw phenomenal price growth as trading volumes surged with Upbit listing.

These chronicles have added an optimistic tone to the future price movements of the JUP token, despite today’s drop.

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Jupiter price drops

At the time of writing, the JUP token price is down 3.41% and is trading at $0.7986. The 24-hour lows and highs are $0.7446 and $0.8273 respectively.

However, the token’s 24-hour trading volume increased by 103.03% over the past day, hitting $219.30 million. It’s also worth noting that today’s drop is in line with the broader market movement. Even the SOL price saw a 7.69% drop in value to trade at $134.54.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, a substantial cash inflow at the listing stage could result in a price recovery in the future.

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