I won’t lie, this recap had to check exactly what show was playing when The bear season 3 episode 9 began — I wasn’t expecting to hear Martin Scorsese’s voice instead of the usual Matty Matheson. That opening montage turns out to be a video that Marcus, played by Lionel Boyce, watches for some baking inspiration. But the usual noise and rhythms we get from The bear coming back soon: namely Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) who yells at everyone within earshot.

For an episode titled “Apologies,” Carmy doesn’t seem all that apologetic as he yells orders at the Bear team while running the expo, the pressure of being big making headlines (no, it’s not). Stand (review not in yet) and his guilt over his breakup with Claire (Molly Gordon) is getting to him. (He assures the Fak bros that Claire won’t haunt them because “that’s chaos and she’s peace.”)