Midfielder Valentyn Rubchynskyi gave his first interview as a Dynamo Kyiv player.

“The invitation from Dynamo came unexpectedly, but I didn’t hesitate for long” (July 3, 2024) — dynamo.kiev.uaValentin Rubchynskyi. Photo — scdnipro1.com.ua

– To be honest, it was quite unexpected to receive an invitation from such a club, but I didn’t hesitate for long and happily agreed to join Dynamo. Tonight I already had my first training session with the team. Both my teammates and the coaching staff welcomed me very well and accepted me into the team. Now I will work on justifying the trust and playing in the main team of the White and Blues.

– Did you train on vacation? Now you are directly involved in the work in the main group?

– Yes, I trained individually, but of course the workload was not the same as the boys from the beginning of the preparatory period. I will train and gradually catch up with my teammates to reach the same level of physical condition.

– This summer, your teammate from Dnipro-1, Oleksandr Pikhalonok, also joined Dynamo. Did this also influence your choice for Dynamo? Did you consult with Oleksandr before accepting the offer?

– In principle, there was no time to discuss, because everything happened quite quickly. But indeed, together with Sashko it will be much more comfortable to get used to Dynamo and get used to everyday life in a new place.

– Do you know any other Dynamo players?

– Yes, of course, we played with many of them in the youth team, so we communicate very well with them. We also often met others on the football field, so we know each other.

– You played two full seasons for Dnipro-1 at a high level, in European competitions. Did you gain experience and confidence during that time?

– Yes, of course. Together with the team we fought for the highest places in the Ukrainian championship and played on the international stage. Therefore, this period undoubtedly benefited me in my career.

– Dynamo starts its journey in European competitions with the Champions League qualifiers. Does the opportunity to play in the group stage of the most prestigious club tournament help motivate you to perform at your best?

– Of course, Dynamo always fights for the top spots and sets itself the highest goals in all the tournaments it participates in – and playing in the group stage of the Champions League is one of them. The team deserves to play against the top clubs in Europe and we will do everything we can to qualify for the group stage.

– What is your favorite position on the field and who do you see as your biggest competitors at Dynamo?

– I like to play in the center of the field, both offensively and defensively. As for competitors, Dynamo have strong players in the center of the field, I can’t pick just one, so it will be interesting to test myself against them.

– Who do you look up to in international football, for your position?

– I think Thiago Alcantara plays really great. He didn’t do well at Liverpool, but he is a very strong player in terms of individual qualities.

– Have you chosen a song yet?

– Yes, I chose the 15th. There were no special wishes, it was free. I know that Viktor Tsygankov, who was the leader of the team, used to play under him at Dynamo. So I hope to become an equally important player for the club from Kiev.