It’s not the best summer for the Lakers. The Los Angeles franchise is mired in a failed rebuild without achieving anything they set out to do, except selecting Bronny James at the 55th position in the draft. With that, they have secured LeBron James’ permanence in the entity (104 million in two seasons), but little else. The elimination against the Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs (4-1) led to the departure of Darvin Ham, but since then a process has been going on that has not yet ended, and they are still not even for next season. Now, with two assistants who are on equal footing: Nate McMillan (formerly of the Blazers or Pacers) and Scott Brooks (Kevin Durant’s first Thunder coach).

There were many rejections before that. The last was Terry Stotts, but not the first. The former Blazers coach turned down an assistant position alongside JJ Redick, who joined the team after another rejection, Dan Hurley’swho preferred to stay at UcConn to win a third consecutive NCAA title rather than accept the Lakers’ offer. He’s not alone: ​​Dwayne Casey, Sam Cassell and James Borrego also didn’t join the coaching staff, and there has been talk about them. Currently, Redick is the coach, but he has no team to work with or prepare for next season. It’s a complicated situation as we enter the month of July, and it brings with it a host of issues for the residents of Los Angeles.

The players are also out of luck at the moment. The Lakers have extended Max Christie, but they didn’t get the third star that LeBron demanded, even forgoing some of the salary he could earn (and eventually will earn). They’re going with the same roster as last season, a roster that has already proven inadequate to qualify for a ring won in 2020 with a string of players starting to leave shortly after. The signing of Russell Westbrook, inexplicably, shook things up. And the last years of LeBron, who is approaching 40, but is still at a great levelwasted in an inexplicable way that many found too illogical.

The accusations are in favor of Rob Pelinka and Jeannie Buss, director and owner. With no salary cap space and in an economically difficult time as a franchise, the entire situation is geared towards capitalizing on LeBron’s final years in only one way: with continuous ovations, longevity records and many new moments for history that will bring a set of eyes on a franchise that can only choose to do so. To show its latest great legend, who it wants to renew for the next three seasons. So, the king will become the one who has played the most in the history of the NBA, something extraordinary. Another milestone in his long sports career was that of one of the best athletes ever. That’s what the Lakers are clinging to. They can’t trust themselves with much more. They’re basically all negative. One after another. Nonstop.