Is Tom Brady be put on the GOAT throne? Hold on to your helmets, people, because Chiefs superstar QB Patrick Mahomes heats up the biggest debate of all time in the NFL, and former defensive back Chris Canty I’m not beating around the bush either. Here’s the whole story:

Chris Canty gave his fiery opinion on the Unsportsmanlike radio show after the interviewer brought up Mahomes’ chance of a three-peat. Canty immediately fired, “You’re the third in the NFL? Yeah, you’re the GOAT,” making it clear that if Mahomes led Kansas City to three consecutive Super Bowl victories, he would claim the title “fucking GOAT” title.


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This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Twitter chatter. Canty’s bold comments got everyone buzzing about the age-old question: Can Mahomes, at a cool 28, really challenge Brady’s GOAT status?

Is Patrick Mahomes already the best player if the Chiefs win a three-peat?

Tom Brady is still the best

Brady, with his seven Super Bowl rings and five Super Bowl MVP awards, is the undisputed GOAT. But Mahomes, with his dominance on the field and his swag, makes a serious case for himself.

Let’s break it down. Chiefs young gunslinger Patrick Mahomes has three Lombardi Trophies, the last two in a row. After earning his first ring in his Super Bowl LIV debut, he led a thrilling comeback against the Niners. Mahomes remained calm under pressure and threw down two TDs in the fourth quarter to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, earning himself his first-ever Super Bowl MVP.

The next two seasons were pretty tough for Mahomes and the Chiefs. They still made the playoffs, but fell short of the ultimate goal. Tom Brady, the undisputed GOAT (for now), had other plans, however. He derailed P-Mahomes’ back-to-back dreams by knocking out Kansas City in Super Bowl LV. The following year, the Joe Burrow-led Bengals knocked out the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

But Mahomes is relentless. He returned to Super Bowl LVII, where he faced a tough Eagles defense. Down by 10 points at halftime, Mahomes led another comeback with a series of trick plays and two touchdown passes to secure his second championship and Super Bowl MVP.

Fast forward to this past February, and the Kansas City QB claimed yet another Super Bowl victory. While the numbers weren’t mind-blowing (333 yards and 2 TDs), that championship ring certainly cemented his place in the GOAT discussion.

So, can Mahomes dethrone Brady? It’s anyone’s guess. Brady’s seven rings and five Super Bowl MVPs are a mountain to climb. But Mahomes is young, has a stellar resume, and has the potential to rewrite the NFL record books.

A third consecutive title, as Canty suggests, would be a monumental achievement and could seriously challenge Brady’s GOAT title.


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Can Patrick Mahomes surpass Tom Brady’s GOAT status?

The legacy of former Patriots’ legendary QB Tom Brady is undisputed, but Mahomes is making a full-speed run for the GOAT title. Drafted with the 199th overall pick in 2000, Brady defied all expectations to become arguably the greatest QB ever, compiling an astonishing 7-3 record and winning seven Super Bowls. That’s more Lombardi Trophies than any player in NFL history.

Brady wasn’t just about the wins, though. He broke records, earning five Super Bowl MVPs and three regular-season MVP awards (2007, 2010, 2017). During his SB appearances, he threw for 3,039 yards and 21 TDs. Oh, and Brady also holds the record (a whopping 35) for most career playoff wins.


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With Tom Brady finally set to retire after the 2022-23 season with the most Super Bowl wins, we’re all wondering if the Chiefs’ QB can ever surpass his status. If Mahomes pulls off the three-peat everyone is talking about, Brady’s legendary crown could be in jeopardy.

Just be patient, football fans, the GOAT debate is only going to heat up!