NEW YORK (AP) — A performance by the Broadway musical “Suffs”, a Tony Award-winning musical about the suffragette movement was briefly disrupted Tuesday when protesters unfurled a banner with the slogan “Suffs is a whitewash” and chants of “Cancel ‘Suffs!”

The protest lasted no more than 20 seconds before a number of demonstrators were led out of the boxes by theatre staff and the banner was removed.

“At no time was the safety of the company members or the patrons of the Music Box Theatre at risk,” said a spokesperson for the show, which was written by Shaina Taub and features Hillary Clinton among its producers. The show won two Tonys during last month’s awards ceremony.

The banner contained a website run by self-proclaimed “radical, anti-racist, queer feminists” who called the musical “a betrayal of the next generation of feminists” and “warmed-over white feminism.”

The show’s producers and creative team declined to specifically comment on the group’s complaints, but the musical does discuss the role racism played in the suffragette movement and highlights the contributions black women made to voting rights.

It was the second disruption of a Broadway show in less than four months. On March 15, “An Enemy of the People,” starring Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli, was shut down after a climate activist group chanted, “No theater on a dead planet!”