Roger Federer and his wife Mirka have raised the bar for romance! Setting the gold standard for love and partnership both on and off the court, their love story and its evolution over time has captured the attention of the entire tennis community. Trevor Noah has emerged as another admirer of this extraordinary duo, who is impressed by their “synergy” in everything they do.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion recently appeared on the podcast “What now? With Trevor Noah” to talk about his retirement plans. Noah asked Federer at one point: “When we think about teammates, relationships and partnerships, I think you and Mirka are perhaps the best doubles partnership of all time.”

“I’ve seen you two. I’ve seen you at the Met Gala. Yeah, like a little vacation together, you know, chilling in Switzerland, whatever it is. You two have the most beautiful synchronicity between you as people,” Noah claimed. Both former tennis players, both living in the spotlight, Mirka and Roger Federer’s love story is like something out of a love storybook!

Noah continued: “I’ve always wondered what it’s like, you know, what do you think it is about Mirka that allows you to become the greatest of all time?”

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The former world number one has often thanked Mirka throughout his brilliant career for her constant support, which has been crucial to his longevity in tennis. In a touching video posted on social media during his retirement announcement, Roger Federer thanked his wife for her years of support, “She has warmed me up for the finals, watched countless games even when I was over 8 months pregnant, and has put up with my crazy side traveling with my team for over 20 years.”

Interestingly, Federer also tells Trevor Noah how he inspired Mirka to quit when her injuries caused her too much pain. “The idea of ​​playing tennis in pain all the time” was far from an ideal athlete’s life and Federer saw a silver lining: the couple could tour together. And Mirka agreed to hang up her racket. But when would it be her current husband’s turn?

Federer hilariously said in the podcast: “And then here we are, ‘Oh I don’t know if I should retire. I’m 36, 37, 38, you know, it’s so hard to retire.’ And all I think about is her.” During the Laver Cup, Federer spoke emotionally about the fact that Mirka had not forced him to retire early, even though she had every right to do so. He was eternally grateful to her for that.

A few weeks ago, the 20-time Grand Slam champion came forward to talk about his wife’s contribution to his career, and he spoke about the huge change his wife brought about in his personality.

Mirka taught Roger Federer the true meaning of ‘discipline’

The famous Swiss tennis player credits his wife for teaching him the value of self-control in difficult circumstances. Federer explained in an interview with El Pais that he was a different player before Mirka helped him stay focused and disciplined in his life.

He revealed, “She also taught me what discipline is, because she’s incredibly disciplined; I was more of the player, the artist, if you will, and I needed guidance in that aspect.” But despite Federer’s enjoyment of the game, his wife, who traveled with him most of the time, endured hardships and sacrifices to care for him. Her devotion in the background underscored her crucial role in Federer’s path, establishing their union as a rock of resilience in the face of the rigors of the professional tennis circuit.

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