Turkish Airlines has reached a compensation agreement with International Aero Engines LLC (IEA) regarding the engines of a number of Airbus aircraft.

“Our company has reached a compensation agreement with IAE regarding mitigation of the operational impact resulting from engine availability and related issues for A320/321NEO aircraft powered by PW1100G-JM engine, including through the revision of the purchase and maintenance agreements between our incorporation and IAE,” the national flag carrier said in a filing to Borsa İstanbul.

According to information on the Turkish Airlines website, the airline has 58 A321NEO and nine A321NEO jets in its fleet.

At the end of May, the flag had a fleet of 456 aircraft, compared to 417 a year ago.

Turkish Airlines’ seating capacity grew by more than 10 percent year-on-year to 93,599 in May.

This week, Turkish Airlines placed an order with Boeing for four 777 Freighters in a bid to further strengthen the airline’s position in the global air cargo market.

With this order, Turkish Airlines will operate 12 777 Freighters.