United Airlines is making sure travelers are prepared for anything with a new feature that allows passengers to receive live radar images during weather delays.

The new feature uses generative AI to send real-time updates during flight delays, the airline shared with Travel + LeisureUnited hopes the radar maps will show customers how bad weather in a particular part of the country could affect flights in their region.

“With more people traveling than ever this summer, we wanted to give our customers an easier way to stay connected with real-time information about their flight, and texting was the simplest solution,” said Jason Birnbaum, United’s chief information officer, in a statement shared with T+L. “We know customers value transparency, and by combining innovative technology-enabled tools with people power, we can give more people even more up-to-date details about their flight.”
The real-time weather updates complement the SMS notifications passengers already receive about things like gate changes, boarding time changes and aircraft changes.

In addition to text alerts with live radar maps about their flight path, United passengers will have access to links to weather maps in the airline’s app under flight status updates. United said it will also display radar maps in the gate area when a flight is delayed due to weather.

The weather updates come a year after United updated its app, allowing customers to automatically rebook flights if their flight is significantly delayed or canceled, and request vouchers for meals, hotels or ground transportation.

It also comes at the start of what is expected to be an “above-normal” Atlantic hurricane season and as Hurricane Beryl barrels through the Caribbean as the first Category 5 storm on record, forcing cruise ships to change routes, airports to close and airlines to issue travel warnings.

In addition to these updates, the United app also offers turn-by-turn navigation through airports to make it easier to get to your gate.