Waka Flocka appears to be doubling down on his support for Donald Trump as footage from a recent concert surfaces.

The Queens-born rapper stopped his set and shouted, “All Joe Biden voters, get out of my concert. We’re going to party for T24 now.” The DJ supported him by shouting, “See you later!”

According to TMZWaka continued, “We’re going to see you at bingo. We’re going to party now for our f**king president, T24.”

There were mixed reactions to the statement both at the stock exchange and online.

One Twitter user wrote: “I wonder how much Trump pays him.” Another chimed in: “While I don’t like Joe Biden, this was wrong. They paid money for a show just like everyone else and while they were putting on a show they should keep politics out of it.”

Elsewhere, someone tweeted: “Celebrities who bring politics into their art are losers. Both sides are guilty of this and it’s such a loser mentality. Use your music to bring people together instead of dividing them.”

This isn’t the first time Waka has shown his loyalty to Trump. He previously supported Trump’s 2024 presidential bid and posed for photos with him.

Apparently the feeling is mutual, as Trump praised the rapper’s philanthropic efforts in 2021, awarding the former reality star the Lifetime Achievement Award for his humanitarian work and philanthropy as a volunteer for Daughter of Destiny. TMZ reported.

Daughter of Destiny is a non-profit outreach program in Chicago that helps women with various resources including employment, food, housing, community and inner healing. The certificate recognized Waka’s “lifelong dedication to building a stronger nation through volunteerism.”