Kendrick Perkins, left, and Brian Scalabrine, right, with the Boston Celtics in 2010.

Are there bad blood between the Boston Celtics and their former center Kendrick Perkins? That depends on who you ask. While members of Boston’s 2008 championship team participated in a duck boat parade to celebrate Boston’s 2024 championship, Perkins, that team’s center, was noticeably absent.

Perkins said he had no idea he was going to be there. His teammate on that team, Brian Scalabrine, said Perkins was not invited. Cedric Maxwell, a two-time Celtics champion, weighed in on what might have happened and he seemed to lean more toward Scalabrine.

Kendrick Perkins Calls Brian Scalabrine a Coward After Celtics Parade Talk

Kendrick Perkins lashed out at Felger and Mazz, saying Scal was a coward and shouldn’t be invited to the Celtics parade

Days after the Celtics won their best-ever 18th NBA championship by beating the Dallas Mavericks in five games, the city held a parade in the team’s honor. Players and families rode along the parade route in duck boats, and members of Boston’s last championship team in 2008 were also spotted on the boats.

Perkins, a center on the 2008 team and a frequent critic of NBA analysts today, was absent. Earlier in the season, Perkins was highly critical of the Celtics, criticizing head coach Joe Mazzulla and calling him bird-brained.

“No, no, no, no, no, no,” Scalabrine said on his radio show, according to, when asked if Perkins would be invited to the Boston parade. “The scarlet letter. … It’s not really about welcoming Kendrick Perkins with open arms.”

Scalabrine’s comments prompted a response from Perkins, who called his former teammate a coward.

“Right now I feel like Scal is a coward,” Perkins said during an appearance on Boston radio station 98.5 The Sports Hub. “Am I the only member of the 2008 class that’s missing from the duck boat? No, I’m not. (Eddie) House, my buddy, he was there. Leon Powe, my big buddy, he was there.”

“Scal was there and Paul (Pierce) was there. There were 11 other guys missing. And to be honest, if I had gotten the invitation, which I didn’t — I didn’t know we were invited — but nine times out of 10, I would have said no. … It’s not our time. It’s 2024.”

Former Celtics Champion Cedric Maxwell Gives His Opinion on the Scal-Perkins Affair

Did the Celtics hold a grudge against Perkins for saying negative things about the team? Was he really not invited to the parade? Maxwell, who led the Celtics to championship glory in 1981 and 1984, gave his take on the disaster on an episode of the “Cedric Maxwell Podcast.”

“The organization couldn’t be happier with some of the things Perk said,” said Maxwell, a current Celtics announcer. “I work for the organization. People have called me and said, ‘Oh, you might want to rephrase it.’

“I remember one of the lines I used. It was when Kevin Garnett was out. I was on TV and this guy asked me if the Celtics could win with Kevin Garnett injured the year after they won the championship. I said, ‘No. No way,’ and I got a call saying maybe you want to rephrase that.

“I was right of course, but if they consider you part of the organization… Perk would acknowledge that, look at 2008, We won the championship. I was on that team. So it’s hard to say I’m part of that organization, but on the other hand it’s too critical of a guy like Joe Mazzulla.

“I understand you’re saying I don’t agree with what he did. I said that. That bird brain, that’s going to be a pain in the ass for this organization.”