Check your Powerball tickets to see if you won the $138 million jackpot


Could today be your lucky day when you become the next Powerball millionaire?

The Powerball jackpot is an estimated $138 million with a cash option of $65.8 million for Wednesday night’s drawing, according to the Powerball website.

The last jackpot won was June 10, with a single winner from New Jersey taking away nearly $223 million.

The Mega Millions jackpot is at $162 million, according to the Mega Millions website.

The Powerball winning numbers for Wednesday, July 3, 2024 will be drawn at 10:59 pm They will be listed below when drawn.

Powerball winning numbers for July 3, 2024

The Powerball winning numbers for July 3, 2024 will be listed here when available.

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Did anyone win the July 1 Powerball jackpot?


To find the full list of previous Powerball winners, click the link to the lottery’s website.

When is the next Powerball drawing?

After tonight’s drawing, the next Powerball drawing is Saturday, July 6 Powerball drawings are held three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 pm

How late can you buy a Powerball ticket in New York?

In New York, in-store and online ticket sales are available until 10 pm on the night of the draw. In New Jersey the deadline is 9:45 pm and in Connecticut the deadline is 10 pm

Jackpots: A look at the top 10 Mega Millions, Powerball winners of all time

How to play Powerball

Choose five numbers 1 to 69 and one number 1 to 26 to be your Powerball. To win the Powerball jackpot, match the six numbers on your ticket to the drawn six-number combination (five numbers plus the Powerball).

The odds of winning the jackpot prize are 1 in 292.2 million.

Powerball ticket locations in NY

Powerball tickets cost $2 each. Here’s where to find the closest New York Lottery game retailers near you.

How can I watch Powerball drawing?

The Powerball drawing is broadcast live on the lottery website at 11 pm ET on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. You can watch the drawing by clicking here.

The drawing may be broadcast on a local television station in your market as well.

What are the Powerball prizes?

The complete guide to winnings is:

  • Match 5 White Balls + Powerball: Jackpot
  • Match 5 White Balls: $1 million
  • Match 4 White Balls + Powerball: $50,000
  • Match 4 White Balls: $100
  • Match 3 White Balls + Powerball: $100
  • Match 3 White Balls: $7
  • Match 2 White Balls + Powerball: $7
  • Match 1 White Ball + Powerball: $4
  • Match Powerball: $4
  • Match 5 White Balls with Power Play: $2 million
  • Match 4 White Balls + Powerball with Power Play: $200,000
  • Match 4 White Balls with Power Play: $400
  • Match 3 White Balls + Powerball with Power Play: $400
  • Match 3 White Balls with Power Play: $28
  • Match 2 White Balls + Powerball with Power Play: $28
  • Match 1 White Ball + Powerball with Power Play: $16
  • Match Powerball with Power Play: $16

Top 10 largest Powerball jackpots

Here are the Top 10 jackpots since the Powerball lottery began in 1992:

  1. $2.04 billion, Nov. 7, 2022: Won in California
  2. $1.765 billion, Oct. 11, 2023: Won in California
  3. $1.586 billion, Jan. 13, 2016: Three winners in California, Florida, Tennessee
  4. $1.09 billion, April 6, 2024: Won in Oregon
  5. $1.08 billion, July 19, 2023: Won in California
  6. $842.4 million, Jan. 1, 2024: Won in Michigan
  7. $768.4 million, March 27, 2019: Won in Wisconsin
  8. $758.7 million, Aug. 23, 2017: Won in Massachusetts
  9. $754.6 million, Feb. 6, 2023: Won in Washington
  10. $731.1 million, Jan. 20, 2021: Won in Maryland