Brock Purdy failed to win the NFL MVP award in 2023.

While it sucked that he didn’t get to win it, the fact that he was a finalist at all was nothing short of amazing. No one could have predicted that last season in his first year as a full-time starter for the San Francisco 49ers after elbow surgery.

It makes you wonder what he can do in 2024, now that he has an offseason where he can actually work on himself instead of rehabbing. That’s why DraftKings sportsbook has Purdy as a fairly heavy favorite to win the award next season.

As it stands, Purdy is tied with Lamar Jackson and Jordan Love for the fourth-best odds (+1400) to win the MVP award in 2024. Ahead of him are Patrick Mahomes (+450), Josh Allen (+850), C.J. Stroud (+850) and Joe Burrow (+900). So, what are the odds of Purdy winning the MCP in 2024?

He may have the fourth best odds, which is a huge compliment, but I don’t see Purdy coming close to winning the award. That doesn’t mean I don’t think he’ll have a great season in 2024, but the reality is that 2023 was a bad year for quarterback performance. Purdy’s numbers were NOT THAT spectacular.

They were impressive because no quarterback has done that under Kyle Shanahan for the 49ers, or any quarterback for the 49ers in a long time. Plus, winning the way the 49ers did makes him an attractive candidate for the award. Purdy deserves to be considered for the award, but I don’t give him more than a 10 percent chance of winning it.

Even if he looks great, better than he did in 2023, there will still be a narrative that he has an all-star crew around him, which could undermine his push for the award. The fact that Christian McCaffrey was an MVP finalist along with Purdy in 2023 only feeds that narrative.

Either way, the only thing that matters is whether Purdy can build on the season he had last year and improve upon it. The MVP is just a side mission that signals that he is truly taking the next step.