Willy Adames MLB Player Prop Bets Today Against Colorado Rockies 7/4/2024

Game: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Colorado Rockies

Hits Prop: 0.5 – More than (-113) Less than (-113)

Total Bases (TB) Prop Bet: 0.5 – More than (-110) Less than (-120)

Coors Field is the site where Willy Adames and the Milwaukee Brewers will take on the Colorado Rockies on Thursday, July 4, 2024. Prop bets open at 0.5 TBs and 0.5 hits for Adames.

Willy Adames Season Statistics

In 86 outings, Adames has averaged 4.4 PAs per game, 0.9 hits and 1.6 TBs over the course of the season. Willy Adames has a batting average of .239 and an OBP of .328. Adames’ slugging percentage so far this year stands at .413 and he has an OPS of .741. Adames has come to bat 327 times this campaign and has collected 78 hits. Adames’ total for ribeyes for the year is 56 and he has come to bat 327 times (44 BBs and 77 strikeouts). In terms of his discipline at bat, he is averaging 0.9 strikeouts and 0.5 free passes per game.

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Willy Adames Career Statistics

Adames is collecting 4.1 plate appearances per game (0.9 knocks and 1.6 TB’s) and has a career OPS of .757. Willy Adames has collected 432 singles, along with 157 two-base hits and 5 3B’s in his professional baseball career. While striking out, he has collected 131 taters, along with 1,285 TB’s and 40 stolen bases in his professional baseball career. Adames has collected 805 outings and has scored 419 runs and knocked in 416 runs in his career. In terms of his discipline at the plate, he is averaging 1.1 strikeouts and 0.4 free passes per game in his career. Adames’ BA stands at .246 and he is finding himself on base at a .321 clip in his career so far.

Willy Adames Last 5 matches

Opponent Hits Total bases Walks Results
Colorado Rockies 2 2 1 0
Colorado Rockies 3 3 0 0
Chicago Cubs 0 0 0 1
Chicago Cubs 0 0 0 1
Chicago Cubs 0 0 0 1

Willy Adames vs. Colorado Rockies

Willy Adames has an OPS of .722 and is a .228 batter thus far in his professional baseball career while playing against the Colorado Rockies. Adames’ one-bagger total while facing the Rockies is 10 and he has 7 doubles. His OBP is .287 and he has a slugging percentage of .435. In 92 at bats, he has 21 hits, 13 runs scored and 13 runs batted in for his career while playing against the Colorado Rockies. Adames has received 8 free bases against the Rockies and has collected 24 whiffs.

Milwaukee Brewers Last 5 Games

He has registered 11.5% of the Brewers’ hits and has generated 14.1% of their total bases. Contreras has accounted for 11.5% of their plate appearances over the last five games, as he has averaged 3.7 per game. The Milwaukee Brewers are averaging 8.7 knocks per game and have scored 4.2 runs over their last 5 games. Their on-base percentage is .282 over the course of the last five games, and they have a slug rate of .336.

Willy Adames Last 10 matches

He has 0 two-baggers in his last 10 games, along with 0 extra bags and 7 total bases. In his last 10 games, Willy Adames has averaged 0.7 knocks per game, 3.9 at-bats and 0.7 total bases. Adames has appeared at bat 44 times (7 base knocks and 6 strikeouts) and is hitting .172 in his last 10 games. He has 7 at-bats, along with 1 three-bagger and 7 1B’s in his last 10 games. His SLG is .172 and he is getting on base with a .235 rate in his last 10 games. When he is at bat, Willy Adames has collected 6 runs, along with 2 ribbies and 0 round trippers.

Josh Schonwald’s Pick: Take the Over Hits (-113)

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