A winning “300X” Massachusetts State Lottery ticket worth $100,000 was sold Tuesday at a lottery and smoke shop on the Rhode Island border.

The $30 scratch-off ticket was purchased at Lucky 95 Lottery and Smoke Shop on Washington Street in Attleboro. The shop is located on Route 1, less than a fifth of a mile north of the Rhode Island border, across from Pawtucket and a stone’s throw from I-95.

In 300X, players can win 11 prizes ranging from $30 to $15 million by matching their numbers with the winning numbers. They have a 1 in 5,376,000 chance of buying a ticket with the game’s biggest prize.

Since the game launched in June 2023, only one of the three available top prizes has been claimed. That prize — claimed on June 13 — is the largest lottery prize won in Massachusetts so far this year.

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The game’s second-largest prize is $1,000,000, and players have a 1 in 2,016,000 chance of selecting a ticket for this prize. So far, only three of the eight tickets for this prize have been claimed.

Tuesday’s winning ticket was for the game’s third-largest prize. Players have a 1 in 161,280 chance of picking a ticket for this prize, and 43 of the 100 such tickets produced remain unclaimed.

The Massachusetts State Lottery publishes a full list of winning tickets each day. The list only includes winning tickets worth more than $600. In total, at least 652 prizes worth $600 or more were won or claimed in Massachusetts on Tuesday, including 21 in Springfield and 17 in Worcester.

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