A woman’s short but scathing Facebook rant has gone viral after she criticized a plane passenger for taking up too much leg room. Honestly, I understand her pain and everyone else’s.

Even though getting on a plane gives me the same serotonin rush I felt when I first heard about Vanessa CarltonIn the 2000s movie “A Thousand Miles,” the lack of room to move around that comes with the seat really kills the good vibes. Especially if it’s a long trip.

Recently, an American woman named Brenda Norton She expressed her frustrations in a Facebook group where she asked why men, in particular, have to take up so much space when it comes to air travel.

“Why do so many people on planes think they can spread out and consume other people’s space?!?” Norton began.

“This guy has his whole left leg in my legroom. Come on!!! I don’t even know you!”

“I hate not having an aisle seat.”

In the post, which has since gone viral on the social media platform, Norton shared a cheeky photo of her situation on the plane, where she is sitting knee-to-knee with the male passenger.

“I hate not having an aisle seat.” (Image source: Facebook)

Norton’s comments sent other members of the Facebook group into a frenzy, some of whom expressed frustration with the male passengers. Some encouraged the woman to press on the leg or alert a flight attendant.

“Yes, why is it always men who think they can invade your space. Be subtle and push him into his own corner,” one person wrote.

“Keep bouncing your leg, he goes backwards. I do it all the time, not even on purpose, lol,” suggested another Facebook user.

“Why not just say something like, ‘Excuse me, but this is already a very tight space and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t intrude on my space.’ If he acts like a jerk, call the flight attendant,” wrote a third.

On the other hand, some people expressed empathy for the passenger, pointing out that he may have been too tall for the seat, causing him to move his knees beyond his designated seat. And of course, some people suggested that he was spreading his legs because of the “family jewels,” if you know what I mean.

“It’s the airlines fault for being greedy and putting the seats closer together. It looks like from the picture her legs don’t fit if they’re straight,” one person suggested.

“On planes, the rows are ridiculously close together. Sometimes there’s nowhere to go,” another member commented.

As a travel girl and certified crybaby, I’m totally on Norton’s side on this one. But this is also one of those situations where sometimes people can’t help but sit in the cramped seats they offer on commercial airliners.

Ultimately, as long as you get to your destination safely, you’re fine. But who knows, maybe Norton had to bang his knees on a 14-hour flight, which is not a good idea.

This is definitely a tough debate, because we both love our big friends, but we also hate invasion of personal space.

Maybe one day everyone will be able to have a little leg room without having to spend a fortune on it!!!

Image source: Facebook