Don’t waste your money on unnecessary improvements when selling your home

Many families want to buy a new home in the summer so they can be settled in their new space in time for the start of the school year. When you put your home on the market, you want to get as much money for it as possible — without wasting money on unnecessary upgrades.

Real estate experts like Julie Bettosini, co-founder and luxury residential specialist at Stockworth Realty Group, reveal what people can do to sell their homes faster. The key is to focus on specific updates to get the most bang for your buck.

First: A new coat of paint and new lights.

“Two easy, very cheap things you can do,” Bettosini explained.

Make your home less personal if you have bright colors. Choose simple and neutral tones.

Second: Renovate your kitchen and bathrooms. And that doesn’t always mean a huge renovation. Experts say that even a small kitchen renovation, like renewing cabinets, can recoup 80.5% of the money you spend when you sell.

“Sometimes it’s just a matter of freshening up the countertops, backsplash and appliances to give it a nice, new look,” adds Bettosini.

Third: Focus on curb appeal. Depending on the time of year, this could include fresh mulch, flowers, and trimmed shrubs. It’s the first impression a home buyer gets and can increase property value by up to 12%.

“And that really sends a message about how a seller maintains a home behind the walls and the things you can’t see,” Bettosini said.

Don’t forget to declutter as much as possible, including family photos. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine their own family living in your home.

Things you shouldn’t waste your money on

Experts at ListingSpark say that upgrades that don’t add value to your home, won’t pay off in the long run, or won’t convince a potential buyer are the upgrades to skip. These include:

  • Cracks in driveway or walkway.

  • Minor HVAC or plumbing issues. (You don’t need to spend money updating a working system in your home.)

  • New window treatments. (If your blinds are broken, you can just pull them down.)

  • Don’t replace old carpet or flooring unless it’s stained or has a terrible pet odor. (If you replace either of these while listing the home, chances are buyers will rip it out or replace it anyway. That would be a waste of your money.)

In short, experts say you should spend your money and attention on items that are clearly broken and an eyesore.

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