Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Paul SkenesThe MLB All-Star nomination was congratulated not only by his LSU girlfriend Olivia Dunne but also by his colleague from the academic team Tre MorganDuring an interview with reporter Adam Berry, Morgan talked about how he and others view Skenes from the beginning of his baseball career to his current fandom.

Everyone on the team knew he was the sickest,” Morgan noted. Not only did Skenes become the top prospect in 2023, but he is now the first Pirates rookie to be selected to the All-Star Game. What’s more, he made MLB history by putting his name in the spotlight for the 2024 All-Star Game after just one year as a top prospect.

While many are already familiar with Paul Skenes, his All-Star appearance will be his introduction to the world. He and Bryan Reynolds will join the NL All-Star team on Sunday. Morgan complimented the 22-year-old, saying:

This is the best pitcher I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I knew he was the sickest…Now, everybody in the world knows he’s the sickest.

Tre’ Morgan according to Alex Stumpf of MLB.com.

However, Skenes, commenting on his achievements, said that the MLB All-Star Game “It wasn’t necessarily one of my goals and expectations for this season“He was focused on getting to Triple-A, so”it’s a great honorr” will be selected for the Game starting on July 16.

Similarly, Bryan Renolds’ impressive performance against Pirates earned him an All-Star spot. He said: “That was one of my goals“, because naming it means “you probably have a good year” according to him.

Olivia Dunne Celebrates MLB All-Star Nomination with Paul Skenes

There’s a good chance LSU gymnastics star Olivia Dunne will be at Globe Life Field in Arlington on July 16 to support her beloved Paul Skenes in his game. She even had a surprise for him when she learned of his All-Star selection.

Paul Skenes and Olivia Dunne (Photo Source: Imago)

The surprise was All-Star balloons, pizza and champagne on the kitchen counter. She wrote on her Instagram story: “He is a STAR!”

The pair were spotted cuddled up in the kitchen as Dunne surprised Skenes with her gift. Seeing as Livvy has attended several Pirates games to support her boyfriend, it’s rumored she’ll be at the All-Star Games as well.

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