“Thomas? No, there’s a Thomas at work and I hate him. Luke? I don’t know, it doesn’t sound good with the last name. And Gabriel? That could be an option, but let’s keep looking.”

Conversations like this are not uncommon among expectant parents. Choosing a name for a bundle of joy is a privilege, but also a huge responsibility. That’s why you should think long and hard about what the most appropriate option is. (Unless, of course, they’ve been thinking about it since the 6th grade.)

When this Redditor’s sister told her what name she’d chosen for her unborn son, the OP thought the mom-to-be was joking. She wasn’t; as a lover of the ocean, she chose the name of a fish for her child. Scroll down to read the full story below.

Naming a baby is a big responsibility

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This Woman Decided to Name Her Baby After a Fish, Which Her Sister Wasn’t Too Happy About

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Some Redditors thought Seabass might be a cool nickname, but definitely not a first name

Some Internet users believed that if it’s not your child, their name is none of your business