I love that they let Chris Paul lob Wembanyama for half a season until they put him in as a contender for more players.

The Spurs were also the shrewd winners of the DeMar DeRozan sign-and-trade, somehow getting a better player and pick than the Bulls. The Kings could stink in 2031, so that trade could pay off big for the Spurs.

With those future picks they should be able to build their squad around Wembanyama’s best years, but they have also added players who can help him now.

I have to say I liked the signing of Jalen Smith, who is a good player on a team friendly deal. Well done.

Furthermore, it has been an unmitigated disaster for the Bulls. Andre Drummond left for nothing after the Bulls could have traded him for much-needed draft assets.

They got a player who was always injured and two first-round picks for DeMar DeRozan, who they would have otherwise lost for nothing. This package hardly cleans up anything.

They overpaid for Patrick Williams, gave him a deal that no other team would offer, that is not only too much but inexplicably has a player option on the end. How did Williams have leverage to get a player option? This is a guy who just had surgery and hasn’t gotten better in four years.

The Bulls made a big bet on potential and that could pay off, but otherwise they lost two key players for nothing and gave a huge contract to a player who didn’t deserve it.

So it’s been a mixed experience for the Bulls, who may have signed two young players and are finally rebuilding, but they haven’t made the most of their quality and there are still big holes to fill.